4 Reasons Why a Pup Can Come After You to the Bathroom

Puppy parents may have confronted situations wherein their furry little friends followed them everywhere, including the bathroom. While new puppy owners can find the struggle real, others may have gotten used to their paw pal’s behavior.

The first step to helping your fur baby overcome this habit is understanding the possible reasons for their stalking instincts. So, if you are a puppy parent looking for some answers on why your puppy dear tails you no matter what, we have got you covered.

As we say about having you covered, we would want to ask you if you have a medical financial backup that can cover your puppy’s annual health expenses. You can consider purchasing pet insurance for dogs so your furry baby can be assured of quality health care in distressing times.

Pet health insurance can make the whole thing of providing your puppy pal medical support less taxing. If you haven’t purchased a policy, you can start thinking about it now. Meanwhile, learn why your adorable puppy may pursue you whether you head to your kitchen, backyard, bathroom, etc.

Why does my puppy follow me to the bathroom?

1.Puppies belong to a pack

This can be a primary reason why your puppy could be following you anywhere and everywhere. It is best if you know that dogs stick to their packs. Wild dogs and wolves spend their days and nights together (including playing, hunting, eating, sleeping, and more) to survive life’s challenges. Abiding by the pack rules can ensure food, company, and so on.

2.Puppies can be protective

Your puppy may have your best interests at heart, and they may not need anything more than knowing you are safe and sound. Puppies swear loyalty to their humans and often feel the need to safeguard them from potential threats lurking around. At the same time, we know there can be hardly any perils hidden behind the bathroom door; still, your puppy may want to double check on your security.

However, if your pupper gets into this habit out of fear or separation anxiety, they may need behavioral therapy. Meet your vet and follow their suggestions to resolve your fur baby’s issues.

3.Puppies may follow their instincts

A puppy’s place of safety is undisputedly beside its owner, and it may not be able to comprehend its owner’s need for space. Also, your puppy may not like to forgo your safety even when you nag a little when they come after you. It is best to look at the world through your furry companion’s eyes. Even if the scene appears dramatic, know that your puppy can have some important reasons for not leaving your side. In times like that, stay calm, take your pup’s antics with a smile on your face, and provide reassurance.

4.Puppies can be curious

Like most other animals, puppies can be curious about new things like food, treats, toys, sounds, places, etc. And they may have special concerns when their human expresses interest in particular things. For instance, it can be a new room, planning a vacation, etc. Now, your furry pet may not want to be left out of your plans, and they make sure you are reminded of their presence by trailing you all the time.

So also, you may need to change your habit of leaving the bathroom door open while you occupy it or even otherwise. An opened door can be an open invitation to your fur baby to come and join the party. Also, your bathroom can contain toxic materials like toilet paper and cleaners that can jeopardize your fur baby’s health on consumption, which can most likely occur when your puppy visits the place when you are away.

Pet insurance for dogs can cover your pupper’s diagnosis and treatment in case of accidents, injuries, and pet health emergencies. Consider buying pet health insurance to potentially lower your pet health expenditure while not compromising on your fur baby’s medical care for covered medical conditions.

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