7 quick tips for choosing an accident lawyer in LA

Some car accidents in Los Angeles have devastating consequences. If you sustained serious injuries in a crash because the other party was reckless or speeding, you have to take legal action. California is a tort state, which means that the at-fault party/driver is liable for your losses. The compensation you get from them (usually through their insurance company) should cover your medical bills, income losses, pain, and suffering. To improve your chances, you must hire one of the known car accident attorneys Los Angeles. With numerous law firms in the business, how do you choose one? Here are seven tips you need to know. 

  1. Start early. California’s statute of limitations has a 2-year deadline for filing auto accident lawsuits. If you want to evaluate your legal options, call a lawyer at the earliest. This will give you more time to consider the case and find evidence. 
  2. Find a relevant lawyer. PI lawyers work on diverse kinds of cases. Don’t be fooled to assume that every attorney knows about auto accident cases. It would help if you had someone who is more experienced in such lawsuits. 
  3. Know your lawyer. Ask the lawyer about their work profile, how frequently they deal with similar accident lawsuits, and if they are available to take the case. Some attorneys do assign cases to their associates. 
  4. Ask about trial experience. More than 90% of all accident claims and lawsuits in California are settled outside of court. However, if you need to go to court to get a fair settlement, you will need a lawyer with trial experience. 
  5. Discuss the case. What is your accident claim worth? What kind of damages can you recover? Is there a scope to recover punitive damages? Your attorney should evaluate your accident claim based on these aspects. 
  6. Know the costs. Will the attorney work on a contingency fee? Ideally, all accident lawyers are expected to charge a fee if they win. The fee is a key aspect, but make sure that the lawyer’s fee doesn’t exceed 40% of the recovery. 
  7. Discuss communication. You should be able to get updates on your accident claim from the lawyer. Most lawyers have many things to deal with, but they should be accessible to their clients as needed. Ask the lawyer if you can contact someone particular in their office for your case. 

Check online and find top law firms in LA now to discuss your accident claim. 

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