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A recruiter’s guide to skills testing and finding qualified candidates

Testing candidate proficiency with the right skills tests is an integral part of recruiting. Hiring companies don’t just want skilled applicants but would like to be assured that they are truly competent and can do the job.

For this very reason, recruiters use employee skills testing software and assess all their applicants thoroughly. They will find anything from literacy skills tests to accounting skills testing or even construction and driving skills tests within the library of assessments.

The necessity of checking candidate proficiency

Recruiting is competitive. Every recruiter wants the best candidate to place in the role they are trying to fill. There is a rush to reach, engage and place top talent before the competition.

Assessing candidate skills with the help of standardised skills tests provides recruiters and hiring managers with additional insight into what their candidates are capable of and where their strengths lie.

Reading CVs and cover letters or relying just on interviews are not enough these days. Good pre-employment skills testing software offers a varied array of skills assessment tests that cover different roles in different sectors. These targeted skills tests help recruiters ensure that they are putting forward only the best-qualified individuals to the client companies.

Online skills testing software and choosing the right skills tests

Remote recruiting has made recruiters opt for cloud-based recruitment software that allows them to work from anywhere. Online skills testing adds to this by enabling them to administer candidate assessments easily from any place.

There are three easy steps –

  • Choose the appropriate skills test
  • Select recipients
  • Send off the test

Yes, it is as simple as this. Online skills testing bypasses the entire hassle of organising the time, date and venue for prospective employees to sit for an assessment. Instead, they will get a link in their inbox and then they can easily take the test from home.

There are many free skills assessment software systems in the market. But be aware that the quality might not be up to par. If you are a recruiter placing a variety of candidates in different sectors, you will need easy-to-use software for online skills testing with a big library of assessments.

Recruiters can choose any number of tests as appropriate. For example, when hiring for admin or secretarial roles it can be useful to send applicant links to MS Office skills tests as well as typing and data entry skills tests. Popular assessments such as literacy skills tests and numeracy skills tests are suitable because they evaluate grammar and number skills which are valuable in admin roles.

Employee skills testing software systems offer many sector-specific evaluations, too. Recruiters who place drivers for big transportation can make use of driving skills tests to measure their candidate’s knowledge regarding different rules. Likewise, healthcare and accounting skills testing are suitable for measuring the proficiency of individuals in those professions.

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Many companies also focus on cultural fit these days. If a new employee turns out to be good at their job but creates a hostile working environment for others, then they will likely be replaced soon. This means the recruitment process must restart. In order not to waste time and money, and to make the right choice the first time, hiring companies and staffing agencies choose to evaluate candidates for leadership, communication, problem-solving and other capabilities with psychometric skills testing. An international recruitment agency can help you find the best talent.

Good online skills assessment software suppliers have the facility for creating bespoke skills tests as well. This is great for recruiters who are in a niche sector or want a different type of assessment to check candidate proficiency.

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