Anytron – Digital Label Die Cut III Laser Finisher

A label finisher is a machine that finishes a printed label. This machine is commonly used for color printing and is ideal for short runs. The finishing process of a printed label includes removing waste material, unwinding the sheet of labels, and applying different finishing techniques. Typical finishing methods include foil printing, varnishing, and rewinding. Some other common finishing processes include die cutting, embossing, and lamination.

Foiling and lamination

In line digital label finishers can add features like foiling and lamination. These printers are also designed for short runs and can be used on most materials. Laser finishing also allows for convenient, automated setups and maintenance. They are faster and less expensive than knife-cutting. They also have a wide range of features. For example, the Anycut laser die-cut machine can cut a variety of materials, including laminate and foil.

Custom labels available

The label finisher is a machine that is used to create custom labels and other printed materials. The process involves unwinding a label, contour-cutting it, and laminating it. Most labels can be laminated, but the anycut series is ideal for digital color printing. It is compatible with both inkjet and thermal inkjet printers. It allows users to print any shape on a printed label without any complications.

Can save money

A label finisher can save time and money by reducing the number of production passes. This system can be easy to operate and offers a one-year warranty. In addition, it has an on-site service and can perform multiple finishing functions in a single pass. Most anytron models come with a laser for die-cutting and laminating. This machine is suitable for medium and large-scale production. They also offer a variety of other features.

Layout change option allowed

Another benefit of a label finisher is that it allows the user to change the layout of the labels. This makes the process easier, and the finishers are flexible enough to accommodate different materials. If you’re not confident in your ability to do this yourself, you should consider outsourcing the production of the labels to a professional. It’s easier and quicker to replace the damaged or worn labels. You can also have a professional do it for you and save money.


A label finisher allows you to customize your labels according to your specifications. For example, you can use a die-free or a die-cut label. In the same way, a digital label finisher eliminates the need for extra tools or parts. A computer-driven label finisher is the best choice for short-run production and professional applications. There are no limitations to its capabilities, and you can easily adjust the settings based on the needs of your business.


Converting allowed

A label finisher helps you convert labels from analog to digital. This technology eliminates the need for expensive die cuts and allows you to maximize margins on custom short-runs. The benefits of a label finisher are not limited to printing short-run custom labels. They can also be combined with different types of production equipment such as printers. In some cases, a digital label finisher allows you to pair with other production equipment.

Label finishers can be used for short-run projects. You can choose between an in-line label finisher. If you want to save money, you can select a die-cutting option. The die-cutting process is more efficient than die-stamping, and you can produce smaller-run label projects with a digital label die cutter. You can also opt for an in-line label finisher if you need a large-volume label.

Anycut II is a compact digital label finisher that slits rolls, adds a lamination layer, and prints on labels. The digital label finisher is an excellent complement to the most common types of digital label press. It cuts a large number of labels in just a few seconds. Moreover, the Anycut II can be upgraded to 150W. If you want a more complex label finisher, you can upgrade to the 13″ model.


A digital label finisher is an all-in-one label finishing machine that unwinds and laminates labels. It cuts different materials and shapes to the labels and removes waste material. The Anycut Series Digital Label Finisher is a great tool for producing full-bleed labels. There are many advantages of a DLF. You can customize the shape and size of the cuts and customize the output of your DLF. In addition to being compact, a DLF has a wide variety of options.

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