Arti 3D crystal photo personalized gift

Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a personalized gift? If yes, then Art pixel 3d crystal personalized photo is the right choice. There are 3d crystal photo personalized that make the gift perfect for different occasions like birthdays and weddings. A couple can gift it to their spouse on an anniversary or any occasion. It is an unforgettable gift that creates memories for a lifetime. These products are customized with K9 crystals. A durable life is available to them with creating the gift with the best crystal.

The building of the Artpix3d is with pure and sparkling materials. It stands out among different personalized gifts available for loved ones for different occasions. You can showcase it to the best individual or couple portraits in the 3d crystal photo personalized shape. The product is available in horizontal and landscape orientation. The figure size of the gift is 1 to 2inches. It provides a mesmerizing effect on relatives and loved ones. They can see a magical transformation of the 3D pictures from their eyes. At the backside, an optical illusion is present that makes your image move. It provides a fantastic look to the customized 3D crystal picture.

The individuals can upgrade the Artpix 3d display with brilliant LED light bases. The changing of the color is possible with the LED lights available in the product. It adds more beauty to the crystal personalized gift. Besides it, the rotating of the models is also possible to increase the value of personalized crystal products. It provides more happiness and memorable moment to the individual. You can consider 3d photo crystal as the best and unforgettable gift for birthdays and anniversaries. You can shop it online from reputed dealers and sites to get the correct product without any defect.

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Pros of the product 

  • Unforgettable gift – The 3d crystal is an unforgettable gift available for birthdays and anniversaries of children and couples.
  • High durable material – the material of the product is durable with K9 crystal. It can last for a lifetime to create a fantastic memory for loved ones and children.
  • Mesmerizing effect – the LED lights of the product provide a mesmerizing effect on loved ones. The 3d crystal photo product has magic in it. It can transform before your eyes. A look at the backside of the product is also beneficial to get the best effect of the gift.
  • Orientation of the gift – there is a portrait orientation of the 3d picture in glass. It allows the individual to see it clearly without rotating the product. If you want to have a landscape appearance, then it is also available to individuals.

Cons of the product

  • Cost – the end product is nice, but it is expensive in cost. There is no substitution available for the product if it is broken from the corner.
  • Simple printing quality – many products are available with simple printing, which is not good enough. It can result in wastage of money and time for an individual.


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