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Chris Rock and Will Smith have a history spanning decades. Their first co-starring role was in Spike Jonze’s 1999 mockumentary, Torrance Rises. The two have not worked together since. Despite this, Rock said he will speak about the Oscars controversy at some point.

The Oscars ceremony is tainted by Will Smith’s controversial acceptance speech. The actor apologized in a bizarre speech, in which he made reference to his wife’s character in the 2001 film Ali. The Academy later apologized to Will Smith. Will Smith did not mention Rock by name, but his speech did elicit some reactions from the audience.

Will Smith has said that the incident was completely unintentional. He later apologised to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the other nominees for the incident. He also resigned his membership in the Academy, saying he did not agree with the comments. He also posted a Youtube video in which he apologized to Rock. However, Rock has not responded to Smith’s apology.

While the Smiths and Rock have had a history of friendly relations, the Oscars incident has put their relationship on the line. The two have been known to make crude jokes about each other. The joke may have caused some strain between the two stars. In fact, it has probably made the situation even worse.


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