Best Areas to Buy and Sell a Home

We found two cities in the United States of America to be ranked the best area to buy or sell a home. The two cities are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Both cities are in the state of Pennsylvania, the keystone state. We were able to do research on both areas and found that houses do not sit for sale long at all. We wondered what makes these two cities attractive regions. Understanding both markets will give you a better understanding of that. Pennsylvania is a large state. There are currently 12.8 million people (twice the population of Tennessee) that live here. That is the fifth largest populated state in America. Therefore, plenty of people are moving to these areas. It is also home to many real estate investors. People who make money off buying and selling homes. You will see that Pennsylvania has many different geographical areas that make up the state. You can find mountains, urban, and rural areas. Providing homeowners with any living they prefer.

Philadelphia Area Homes

We know that Philadelphia is an ancient city that dates to the early 1600s. A lot of the real estate is old here as well. The majority of homes were built in the early 1900s. Which, as of now, makes most or more than one hundred years old. You may think that this may hurt the real estate market as more homeowners prefer to buy newer homes. You will find a decent amount of new construction homes across the city. Areas such as Fishtown, Point Breeze, Roxborough, and Brewerytown. Though they tend to build about everywhere in this city, they target these areas a little more than the rest. The average home in Philadelphia sells for more than two hundred and fifty thousand on average. We have found some row houses selling in the upper eight hundred thousand rang to even the one-million-dollar range. With numbers in even the lower-priced areas constantly climbing, this will call for higher demand. You will see we buy houses Philadelphia signs posted across the city due to the increase in investors moving to the area. With a quick drive through the city, you will also notice that large developers are building giant apartment complexes as tall as five or six stories. No matter where you go to the town, it is a hot market to buy or sell a home. We noticed that homes are not up for sale longer than, on average, 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks). There is also a massive market for the off-market sale of the property. Due to so many distressed properties in the city, it attracts plenty of buyers looking for homes in these conditions.

Pittsburgh Area Homes

Pittsburgh is the other area in Pennsylvania and the United States of America that has seen impressive growth. The average home price in the city has risen over 18% in the past year alone. Parts of Pittsburgh have seen average home price sales of close to 540,000 in areas like Wexford Station. Some of the hotter regions consist of Eddy Brookfield estate, Allman Acres, Strip District, Point Breeze, and even Shadyside. This city is not as populated mainly as Philadelphia but has many beautiful charms. Many of the homes in this city were built in the early 1900s as well. This city was a vast mining city in the early 1900s. Some of the best school districts in the state are right here in Pittsburgh. As well as the high value of a home, this has become a highly desirable area for we buy house Pittsburgh companies spread out across the city. If property matters continue to increase, you may see this population growth. More people will come from different parts of the state to move here. Once money comes in, a diverse crowd of homeowners will start buying the house. Which will then increase the value of homes. This city has many large mountains that surround the town. If you are much of a hiker, this could be a perfect place for you to move.

Want to Sell Your Home

If you are a homeowner who is actively looking to sell your home. Then you need to look up companies looking to sell your house as-is. This is becoming the most common way for homeowners to sell their property. Much of people’s idea of selling your home this way assume their home must be in terrible shape. That is not always the case; many people are looking to sell their homes without much work. Most of these companies do not only look for homes that could use lots of work. Some buyers are investors looking to buy homes in good areas to rent out the property for a steady income each month. If you happen to own a home in one of the cities mentioned, you should reach out to a home buying company and see how much they are willing to pay.

Getting the Most for Your Home

We can recommend you do your research on the value of your home before making any decision to sell. If you live in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh and own a home, you may consider selling. If you decide to hold on to the property and wait it out. Then you are in an advantageous position to do so. The growth of the housing market is only on the rise. Even if it crashes, it will always be on the rebound. We watched it before over fifteen years ago. This is just the story of how many cycles go. If prices start to drop, you will always notice the prices go back up. If you hold on to the home, always remember to update it periodically and keep it in the best shape you can. The condition of your home should be the most important thing when it comes to owning property. We understand not everyone is a real estate guru but understanding the importance of owning a home is what you should focus on.

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