CBD oils containing less than 0.2% THC are legal; You must know before starting a CBD shop.

The origin of CBD oil and hemp oil

Before looking at the differences between CBD oils and hemp oil, let’s know the origin of both oils before CBD oil and hemp oil. It is extracted from the same hemp plant family. But the cannabis plant family can be divided into high THC substances, which are called in English Cannabis or Marijuana. In Thai, it is called marijuana, and plants with high CBD, and low THC, which are called Hemp in English in Thai. that Hemp or sometimes used as the transliteration of Hemp. Hanfpost CBD shop in Switzerland is legal in Switzerland.

The names used to refer to cannabis plants are confusing.

The problem is that Hemp and marijuana are very similar. If you look at the appearance, they are almost indistinguishable. And substances contained in Hemp And Cannabis are the same substance. Only the amount and proportion of the substance are different. This makes many people confused about whether the plant is Hemp or Hemp. And Cannabis is still confusing. All mixed up, such as when viewed from the media. Both at home and abroad, The term Cannabis is sometimes used for both Hemp and marijuana. Marijuana is sometimes used to refer to Hemp with high CBD and low THC.

Hemp or marijuana Look at the amount of THC.

But in recent times where the cannabis boom and many countries have begun to allow the use of CBD shop– Cannabis for medical use. Therefore, Hemp (Hemp) has been separated from marijuana (Cannabis) by looking at THC mainly for America. If the hemp plant has less than 0.3% THC, it’s called Hemp. Anything higher than this is called Cannabis. In Europe, plants with less than 0.2% THC are called Hemp. If it’s higher, it’s called marijuana, etc.

Bringing hemp-marijuana used in the medical field This introduces the main substances contained in Hemp – Cannabis, which are CBD and THC.

CBD is abundant in Hemp developed strains such as Berry Blossom, Charlotte’s Web, and Cherry Wine, which contain up to 25% CBD. There is almost no CBD at all.

CBD may be extracted from Hemp,

Although Hemp contains much less CBD than Hemp, Cannabis can be extracted to remove CBD. But extracting CBD from Cannabis, all extracts must be taken. It goes through a separation process to remove all THC substances first. Therefore, it can be used to make a product called CBD. at present (2019), the extraction of cannabis oil used in Thailand Cannabinoids were not isolated.

At present, there are producers from Thailand and Laos. Who have taken extracts from cannabis extracts themselves Came to mix coconut oil, bottled and put a sticker that says CBD oil, but when users use it, they appear to be drunk, have severe vomiting, low blood pressure, and fast heartbeat. And some have seizures until they have to be sent to the hospital almost immediately which such oil is not CBD oil but hemp oil mislabeled, which may be due to intention or a misunderstanding of the manufacturer. This is a severe threat to consumers who do not want to experience the side effects of THC from cannabis oil. CBD oil will not cause the symptoms mentioned above if it’s excellent.

Is CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Illegal?

Today (2018), Cannabis and THC are still classified as drugs in almost every country worldwide. Only in Canada and Uruguay only Hemp and CBD shop are legally allowed in many countries.

For Europe, now (2018) cannabis and hemp oil. Containing more than 0.2% THC is illegal in most European countries. Even for medical use, it is illegal. Only the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, and Italy are permitted to use cannabis oil containing THC for medicinal purposes, which must be ordered by a doctor only—not allowed to buy and use by yourself.

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