Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

If you’re remodelling your home or building a new property from scratch, one of the aspects that you’ll need to consider is your windows. Many homeowners often neglect to put serious though into the right type of windows to use for their property, and this might result in windows that look out of sync with the rest of their home. In this blog post, we examine why window choice matters and take a look at some of the popular window options available for you to choose from. You’ll find that the plantation shutters Melbourne residents consistently turn to will add just that extra touch to create the perfect windows. 

Why Your Window Choice Matters

Windows are an integral part of any home. They enable natural light to filter into your home and can also add a crucial aesthetic element to your home as well. Thus, a window design that does not fit in with the style of your house can often end up being jarring and may cause the visual appeal of your house to diminish.

Thus, it’s clear that choosing the right window is crucial. The possibilities for your windows are endless. You can choose from timber windows for a more rustic look or aluminium windows for a modern aesthetic. Here are some of the most popular window styles in Melbourne that you can consider incorporating into your property:

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows are available in both timber and aluminium. This style of window is vertically oriented and can have a maximum height of 270cm, making them an excellent option for ventilating your house, especially in coastal areas. In addition, the adjustable louvre blades also makes it easy for you to control the amount of air and light that you want to let in through the windows. 

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are one of the most durable yet aesthetically pleasing window designs. The rollers make it easy to open and close them and the flyscreen also slides internally, making it easy to use the window as a servery. You can opt for a sliding window in a variety of different colours to suit the design of your property, including:

  • Victorian ash hardwood,
  • Western red cedar, and
  • Aluminium.

Aluminium Superlite Windows

Aluminium superlite windows have large glass panels of up to 3 metres in width and 2.4 metres in height. This style of windows is extremely sleek and let in large amounts of natural light. To ensure their durability, their fixings are made from stainless steel. In addition, they are also incredibly energy efficient due to their inline reveals that help to shield the aluminium frame. If you’re looking for modernistic windows, aluminium superlite windows are definitely something you should consider.

Valley Windows – Melbourne’s Premier Window Manufacturer

If you’re in the market looking for new custom windows, Valley Windows has got you covered. Here at Valley Windows, our Melbourne-based window experts have decades of experience in the manufacturing windows and doors using quality sustainable materials. If you’re looking for new windows in Melbourne, get in touch with us today to get a no-obligation quote!

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