Controlling Odour In Your Industrial Freezer Room

Over time and with continuous use, you may notice your commercial freezer room has developed an unpleasant odour. Ensuring your unit’s environment is clean and remains odour-free is imperative – especially if your business relies on it. Oftentimes, industrial freezer rooms develop foul odours simply because of age, frequent use, debris, and spills. Unfortunately, in most cases these smells often indicate the presence of bacteria or mould in your unit that affect your food. While commercial freezer manufacturers look to create products to minimise these odours, there is ongoing essential maintenance work that is required to not only reduce these unpleasant odours over time, but to ensure the ongoing optimal performance of a commercial freezer.

In this article, we share some tips on how you can manage odour issues for an industrial freezer room.

1. Remove the source

After lingering in a space for an extended period, odours can become trapped inside the walls and flooring of a unit and become progressively more unpleasant as the bacteria multiplies. Before this happens, it is important that you immediately identify and remove the source of the odour as soon as possible. If the odour has reached the insulation, removing it will no longer be a simple feat. Instead, an air compressor might be required to effectively move any stagnant air from this part of the unit. read more : kingnews33

2. Clean available surfaces thoroughly

Odour may also point to hidden spills that have not been found or removed. If this is the case, clear out the content of your commercial freezer room prior to thoroughly cleaning the shelves, floor, and walls. Be sure to check the expiration dates of items that have been pushed to the back or stocked incorrectly as you move the products out. Products stored way past the due date can often be the reason for odour problems in freezers. Simply using soap with water as a cleaner can be a good option as some harsh chemicals may be too abrasive, and damage your unit’s surfaces. Combining a cup of white vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda can be a relatively harmless and powerful combatant of odour and mildew. Before putting items back into the unit, make sure that all the surfaces have been allowed to completely dry.

3. Use an absorption agent

Once you have effectively cleaned out your freezer or commercial cool rooms, you can tackle any residual odour with a charcoal briquettes. Charcoal is porous, which means it can be used to absorb moisture and odour from the air. Make sure to replace the briquettes at least every 2 to 3 days to keep them fresh. Alternatively, you can also leave bowls of fresh coffee grounds, baking soda, or products designed for removing pet odours such as cat litter to eliminate any stubborn odours.

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If you would like to add a pleasant scent to your unit, sprinkle an essential oil of your choice in cotton balls before placing them in small dishes inside the equipment. Once again, remember to replace them every few days.

4. Lingering odours

So, what does it mean if your industrial freezer room still smells even after thoroughly inspecting, cleaning, and deodorising it? In cases such as this, there may be a malfunction with one of the components in the unit – namely, the internal coil. A persistent odour may point to a moist coil that has eventually accumulated mould and mildew. To clean the coil, unpower the unit and remove the cover for the coil. Following this, clean its interior carefully with soap and water while avoiding any wires and electrical components. Finally, use a UV sterilising kit to ensure any last remnants of mould have been effectively removed.

Extremely unpleasant odours or ones that remain even after cleaning is a serious cause for concern. Further inspection should be performed to ensure that the components of your commercial refrigerator and freezer room are free from malfunction.

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