Creative ways to enhance your e-commerce packaging ideas with stickers

What makes consumers buy? Why do we choose brand B over brand A? While there are numerous, often subconscious factors at play, there are several elements you can control. Did you know that, according to a recent study, more than 70% of consumers state that their purchase decisions are influenced by a product’s packaging? 

Product packaging can be a great way for you to get your business noticed and reach new customers. However, this can often be complicated, involve long lead times and design expertise. In this article, we will share our favorite tips on how you can create beautiful packaging without any design experience or huge budgets. Our secret? Custom printed stickers. 

With custom printed stickers, you can realize your design ideas within minutes. Many sticker printing companies even offer free online design tools and pre-made templates for you to personalize. Once you are happy, you can send your stickers to print and receive your unique design within days, ready to be used. Sounds good, doesn’t it? So let’s see how you can make stickers work for your business. 

1. Introduce a theme

No matter what industry you are in, your branding should be consistent. You want to offer a high-quality product or service and deliver for every single customer. Visually, your product packaging can help you communicate this consistency to your customers. 

This can be as simple as sticking to a color-theme or pattern. It is worth looking into the psychology of colors for that, as different tones signify specific moods and can thus ignite certain reactions.

With custom stickers, you can easily add your brand color or theme to your product packaging at a low price. Instead of having to invest in printed packaging materials, you can simply bulk buy your packaging and brand it yourself using your personalized stickers.

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This way, you can also be super flexible and switch up your packaging whenever you need to. Maybe you will be releasing a special edition or launch a new product range? Simply get your themed stickers printed in a different color or on special material, and you are good to go. 

2. Work with your product 

Product packaging can include much more than color schemes. What are the stand-out features of your product? How can you get consumers to connect with your brand? Start by asking simple questions. Marketing and branding can get very complicated quickly. Try not to overthink your strategy but consider your customer’s needs. 

Some of the best product packaging is incredibly simple and highlights one product feature. The below image is a great example of that. Working with the associations surrounding honey, the cereal brand created simple, yet eye-catching packaging. 

All you need to recreate this look is a clear packaging tube. Then, you can either work with a die cut to cut out part of your label, or you can use a clear label instead. Your sticker printer of choice will then print white behind all the parts you would like to appear opaque, leaving only certain parts transparent. 


3. Create a surprise 

Product packaging can extend beyond the point of sale. This proves to your customers that you care about their post-purchase experience and shows that you are willing to go the extra mile. But how can you communicate this? If you visit this maangome, you can get more information about it. It is high time, to click here to know malluwap and also you should learn more about soap2day.

A simple and highly effective way to show customer appreciation is through gifts. Now, you might not have a huge budget to add the latest gadgets to every order or purchase, and you do not want to opt for useless trinkets either. Custom stickers can help you out! 

When you order stickers in bulk, they often come to only a few cents per sticker, which makes them a very affordable add-on. On top of that, stickers are usually not seen as a marketing tool. Instead, we see them as a gift, unlocking the psychological power of gift giving.

Upon receiving a gift, we feel the subconscious need to return the favor. This is called the rule of reciprocity. Based on this, customers who were given a gift are more likely to recommend your business or to make a repeat purchase. 

If you want to give this a try, we recommend using custom vinyl stickers, which you can find right here. Vinyl stickers are scratch-proof and resist water and sunlight. They can also be stuck to thousands of surfaces, giving your customers the best experience. 

Are you ready to elevate your product packaging now? We cannot wait to see how you are going to use our tips. Do you have additional ideas on how to create beautiful product packaging using custom stickers? Please leave them in the comments below, we would love to hear from you. 

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