Dealing with Dental Emergencies- When to Contact Your Dentist?

Some dental issues need medical attention immediately. It is common in kids when they experience a toothache, cavities and any other tooth-related problems. You must call your dentist if your child needs to be given some medicine. The teeth of the children are tender and should be treated well. You should always have a number for an emergency dentist in Littleton so that you can reach out to him without any delay. Some of the dental emergencies are explained below:

Toothaches and pain in gums

A toothache is common and can start to happen at any time. The kids may also experience severe pain in their teeth that need immediate relief. If you are outside your home or on holiday, you need to get some medicines so that you can get rid of the pain. In many cases, the painkillers available in the medical shop can also give you relief. Once you feel a little bit better, you can see your dentist and ask the cause of the pain. Commonly, cavities can give you pain and discomfort.

The root of the broken tooth causes pain

You can experience pain if the root of a broken tooth is already present in the root. It starts to develop infections in the mouth that may give rise to other problems such as bad breath, bleeding gums and misalignment of the teeth. If you keep experiencing the pain every now and then, it is strongly recommended to call your dentist today. He will give you the best way to extract the tooth.  Sometimes, minor surgery is also required to take the root out of the gum.

Swelling in gums and jaws

If you feel that your gums or jaw has swollen without any specific reason, you should immediately call your dentist. He can check the mouth and rule out any possibility of infection or lumps. Depending on the cause, he can suggest suitable medicines.

Bleeding gums and teeth

Many people including children and adults get blood in their teeth when they brush their teeth. It happens due to poor oral health. However, the bleeding persists after proper brushing and flossing; you should contact a dentist on an urgent basis. He will check the root cause of the problem and prescribe medicated toothpaste or mouthwash.

A dentist should be a call away. You can choose the best family dentist after carefully assessing the credentials and qualifications of a few of them. 

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