Digital extortion and its effects on businesses

This term suggests the acts of coercing a company or any individual from a company to pay money in exchange for getting access back to the hacked system or the stolen asses of the company. The assets of the company or the individual cannot only be in monetary terms. Rather these assets can be confidential information about the company, private information of an individual, or the company’s important files and financial records.

This cyber extortion can take on several types. The most common one is of asking for ransom against the data and information that could potentially get compromised if the ransom is not paid. Another crime can be of ابتزاز جنسي or hacking the equipment of the organization to generate bogus information. This can severely impact the image of an organization or an individual hence they fall into this trap.

How does digital extortion work?

The cybercriminals are an expert in various form of crimes of gaining access to your systems software and the network over which they are connected to force the ransom out of you. The most common way of doing so is by sending out emails to threaten the employees of the organization. These emails make the employees aware of the fact that their privacy has been compromised and if they do not do as the hacker asks them to then they will leak all the private information.

Another way of extortion the hackers employ is that they send out links to the organization and they masquerade themselves as a legitimate website asking for the private information of the employees as a form of survey etc., to get to the private information of the organization.

Businesses most likely to get targeted by digital extortion

Any business that is carrying out sales over the internet is most likely to fall prey to this cybercrime. This is the case because such businesses use tools such as online payments and databases that are most likely to get hacked. All the financial information and sources are electronically saved in the online banking system of such businesses hence such businesses are most likely to suffer.

However, it is possible to protect your business from such acts. It can be done by installing a strong firewall and antivirus software. Moreover, employees can be trained to not open any malicious link which can end up with them becoming a target of ابتزاز. Multiple backups of data can be maintained so that the data if lost, can be retrieved.

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