Everything to know about a woman’s tap dance shoe

Tap dancing is a centuries-old art form that has been embraced as entertainment, self-expression, and even as a means of storytelling. It is a remarkably adaptable form of dance that beautifully integrates rhythm and movement. The dancer’s feet thump on the floor as they move, a distinguishing feature of this percussive dance style.

Further, the clothing and footwear worn for tap dancing are distinctive and unique. Especially women tap dancers often dress in comfortable, lightweight, brightly coloured attire that allows for freedom of movement. It includes womens tap shoes, jazz boots, or dress-up footwear. Tap shoes have metal plates or taps on the bottom, which produce a distinctive sound when the dancer taps on various surfaces.

There are two fundamental steps in tap dance, followed by several intricate variations. While their body moves in time with the music, tap dancers make noises with their feet. Since even the slightest error can require hours of effort to perfect, tap dancers must be quick, imaginative, and dedicated to succeed in this art form. To support the perfect step, quality tap shoes are indispensable.

In this article, you can learn much more about it.

Salient features of tap shoes


A dancer’s wardrobe would only be complete with tap dancing shoes. The metal taps that give tap dance its particular sound and the hardwood floor need to be safeguarded from a tap dancer’s feet. Given that the heel of the shoe plays a crucial role in creating certain sounds, women should take extra care to wear shoes that fit correctly to protect their feet. The heels on women’s tap dancing shoes are higher than those on men’s, ranging from 1 to 2 inches, giving the dancer additional stability.

Toe box

The toe box of a tap shoe plays a crucial role in the dancer’s performance. Womens tap shoes are made with a bigger toe box than men’s, giving the toes and feet more flexibility. Tap dancers require extra room to maintain appropriate technique and to be able to move their toes around without limitation. The dancer’s foot receives additional cushioning and support from the toe box.


Metal taps, sometimes known as taps, are attached to tap shoes’ heel and toe areas. In a tap dance performance, rhythms and patterns are created by tapping metal, which creates a distinctive sound. Womens shoes typically have a flat sole and a low heel made of leather or canvas, though the colour and style can vary greatly depending on the dancer’s preferences.

Different types of tap shoes

Full-sole tap shoe

One kind of tap shoe that dancers can wear is a full-sole tap shoe, which offers the wearer more stability and control than other types of tap shoes. Additionally, these shoes are sturdy and offer a lot of support. A dancer can concentrate on the dance’s moves without being distracted by noise thanks to the entire sole’s reduced noise production.

Split-sole tap shoe

Split-sole tap shoes are a type of dance shoe used for various styles, such as tap, jazz, musical theatre, and hip-hop. The split sole is designed with two leather parts at the bottom of the shoe, which offer flexibility and control when performing complicated dance steps. The sole’s design also makes it perfect for rapid turns and spinning. The split sole’s two-part structure offers maximum ankle mobility in the arch and articulation.

Different types of tap shoe fastening

Slip-on fastening

As its name suggests, slip-on tap shoes don’t need buckles, laces, or straps to keep them secured to the foot. They are significantly simpler to put on and take off since they have a snug-fitting elasticized upper that can quickly pull on and off.

Lace-up fastening

All dancers can discover the ideal pair of lace-up tap shoes because they are available in various sizes and forms. There should be ample room for comfortable dancing in tap shoes, as they are flexible enough to tighten or loosen according to the dancer’s needs.

Thus, womens tap shoes are essential for dancers of all levels. They are available in various materials, colours and styles, making them a suitable option for almost any dancer. The shoes feature a unique construction that helps to create the desired sound often associated with tap dancing. By selecting the best option, you can ensure that you have the protection you need during practises and performances and support and padding to help you avoid injuries.

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