Everything You Need to Know About NDIS Services for Cleaning

Have you ever heard of NDIS services for cleaning? If not, then you might be fascinated by the whole idea. NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a plan the Australian Government offers to assist disabled individuals. This NDIS scheme is a fund utilised by those people to alleviate the day-to-day issues in their lives. Cleaning is one of the services offered by the NDIS scheme. Since it has become compulsory for people to maintain cleanliness during the pandemic, regular cleaning has almost become a household thing. But, it is not a feasible option for the disabled ones to indulge in cleaning, leading to the utmost discomfort.

It is, therefore, the NDIS cleaning service that comes into play. Across Australia, certain cleaning organisations are enrolled as NDIS cleaners. Their purifying and disinfecting activities will give the NDIS people a new home.

What is the Role of the NDIS Scheme?

It is essential to perceive the complete NDIS scheme. The government has devised a scheme for assisting disabled people in fulfilling all the necessary activities they struggle to perform, like cleaning. It is important to know that the NDIS scheme differs from person to person. Everyday activities like gardening, vacuuming, organising and other work requiring the person to move extensively are primarily done by the NDIS team.

However, this scheme is devoid of services involving electricians, plumbers, and similar maintenance workers.

Who Can Avail of the NDIS House Cleaning Service?

NDIS does offer house cleaning services, but only for some. The plan-makers decide the scope of the offerings by considering multiple factors before finalising the scheme. The committee confirms that the cleaning service would ideally fit the purpose of assisting the person, fulfilling their goals and aspirations. All in all, it should be useful.

To confirm that you can receive the cleaning service, check for the service ‘Assistance with Daily Living Funding’. If you can locate it, you can easily opt for assistants who will meet your gardening, cleaning, and home maintenance needs. If it isn’t present, don’t forget to discuss the fact in the next review meeting.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Cleaner

It is to be noted that not any cleaner can accomplish your cleaning needs. Only the ones registered with NDIS can. Before you hire a cleaning service, ensure the following.

  1. The cleaner is able to align with your individual needs and offer the required services.
  2. They are more focused on improving people’s lives instead of only doing their work. In short, they are compassionate and not money-minded.
  3. They focus on making the space healthy and liveable.
  4. They have ample personnel to readily assign a local service provider to your area.
  5. Like other agreements, ensure that you sign a written service agreement with the cleaning service.
  6. Settle the price before starting the work since NDIS cleaners mostly work on hourly rates.
  7. Ensure that the cleaning service works according to the NDIS guide to avoid payment issues.

What Services are Included in NDIS Cleaning?

You can customise the cleaning activities to fit your requirement. The following are the basic cleaning services offered under this scheme:

  • Mopping hard and vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Home arrangement
  • Washing, folding, and ironing
  • Garage cleaning
  • Oven and fridge cleaning
  • House and bathroom cleaning
  • Cleaning of kitchen surfaces

NDIS cleaning has helped numerous people across Australia. Registered NDIS cleaners are truly helpful in easing the lives of persons with disabilities. If you are in need, call any of the registered cleaners to get things done.

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