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Whatsapp is a mobile phone app that has become a popular way of communicating among many in India. However, the app is not regulated by the Indian government. This means that it is prone to abuse, and it is a platform that allows people to get a hold of information about the latest events in Delhi.

WhatsApp isn’t controlled by the Indian government

WhatApp, a Facebook-owned messaging service, filed a lawsuit against the Indian government, saying the new IT regulations it has been ordered to follow transarc violate its users’ privacy rights. The company is claiming that the government is attempting to force WhatsApp to break encryption in order to find out who sent messages.

The ruling in the case is cited by WhatsApp as evidence that the government’s new IT rules are unconstitutional. It has also alleged that the rule’s traceability requirement would violate the privacy of its users, as well as other citizens.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has warned the social media platform three times since July, requesting that it clarify privacy issues. Now, WhatsApp has filed a complaint in the Delhi High Court.

The Indian government, which has been blamed for spreading fake news and violence, wants the messaging app to identify the originators of messages and information. The government has asked the social media platform to disclose the IP addresses of the senders, locations of where the messages were sent, and the identities of the sender gameplanet  and the recipient.

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