Facts that you don’t know about Israel

Tel Aviv University’s recent launch of the world’s only Center for Combating Pandemics aims to create best practices in infection containment and vaccine development. Israeli companies have invested $10 billion dollars into this project despite uncertainty caused by worldwide pandemic; it seems that they’re taking these issues very seriously!

The country has an advantage over others when it comes to solar energy – 85% of homes get hot water from rooftop panels, compared with less than 1% across America (and even fewer elsewhere).

A scientist’s invention could revolutionize how animal waste is disposed and may help solve some pretty serious problems. For example, there are more then 300 wineries in Israel including 70 which harvest at least 50 tons per year; 60 thousand tons come out every season thanks largely because they’re grown using locally sourced grapes rather than imports from countries like France where wine production has been declining over recent decades due to changing consumer tastes among other factors (1).

It’s true that Israel’s bee population is being threatened by environmental factors, but they’ve still managed to come up with some innovative ways of protecting theirbees. For instance: An Israeli company developed the world’s first autonomous beehive-a box with space for 40 colonies and all of its needs in mind! It can take care it self through an app – even if there are no humans around (which might sound scary). Back when models were underweight back 2011; The country banned these unhealthy bodies wearing clothes from fashion shows down here…or so we hope?

It is not uncommon in Israel for people to mop the floor by flooding it with copious amounts of water then using a long handled squeegee, which they push away any dirt particles from their home’s carpets upon completion!

The cave in Israel contains tools that are at least 350 thousand years old-and some as much as 1 million! The field of video therapy was invented by Jerusalem television station Ma’aleh school; it crosses all disciplines such date filming or animation with its innovative techniques for treating people who suffer mentally illness through digital media like games played on their computer screens while they’re hooked up electrodes designed specially so these entertainment formats can help alleviate symptoms just enough without making them fully well again (a process called “coping”).

The Israeli company has created a new way to fight life threatening infections. This “human on chip” developed at Hebrew University replaces animal testing for pharmaceuticals that are currently being tested and produced in other countries with limited resources but who cannot afford it, like developing nations or third world countries where access to clean water may not be available all of the time due too climate change which leaves people vulnerable when there’s diarrhea disease spreading quickly through contaminated sources such as rivers or lakes – especially children since they’re more likely than adults respond poorly if sick from something wrong uphis belly.

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