Fashion Staples You Must Own in UAE

Fashionable clothing and outfits are really significant to women as they make a huge impact and are the first thing people usually notice about you. Sometimes, the clothes a woman might wear may depend on whether or not they go with her fashionable accessories. Other times, she may change the whole course of her outfit just to achieve a look that is in fashion and is trending.

This shows how important fashion and clothing are to women and how they help make an iconic fashion statement. Fashionable clothing & accessories are of several different types and can be categorised into many groups like shirts, pants, skirts, handbags, belts, bracelets, jeans, watches, gloves, necklaces, rings, etc. There are so many that this is just some of the total and would take up the whole page if they were mentioned.

Whatever fashion item it is though, it is sure to elegantly elevate a woman’s outfit and add a classy and chic finish to it. This blog will talk about different fashion products and how they help add a kick to everyday outfits.

1. Décortiqué Wide-leg Jeans

These jeans are a must-have in your everyday fashion essentials for numerous reasons. They come in blue and are made with 100% cotton and denim. They are also stonewashed and have a wide-leg design which makes them look really cool. Moreover, they’re made with the signature Décortiqué design and have a four-stitch moniker at the back and you can get them through Farfetch UAE.

2. Stripped Cotton Polo-shirt

You need this shirt in your wardrobe and you will not regret investing in it. It’s made with 100% cotton and comes in black with off-white stripes. It has a polo collar and short sleeves which gives your arms plenty of space to move around freely. Moreover, it’s made with button fastening and has a cropped design which makes it very chic and trendy.

3. Leighton Faille Skirt

This skirt is an absolute necessity in your closet due to several factors. It’s made of polyester, nylon and elastane which are incredibly soft materials. It’s white and is made with a box-pleat design with faille fabric which makes it look elegant. Moreover, it has a rear zip fastening and a fitted waistline which can be flattering to your figure. It also has a flared style and below-knee length which is always a classic.

4. Flared Denim Dress

This dress is a must-have in your wardrobe and is definitely worth the purchase. It’s made of stretchable cotton and elastane and comes in a denim-blue colour. It’s designed with a sweetheart neck which accentuates your neck and also has spaghetti straps. Moreover, it has a flared skirt and mid-calf length which gives your legs room to move around.

5. Drawstring-waist Cargo Trousers

You need these trousers for your everyday, casual wear and they will not disappoint. They’re made with cotton and come in a beige colour with a drawstring waist that’s easily adjustable. They also have two rear patch pockets and two side flap pockets which give storage. Lastly, they have tapered legs and elasticated ankles which fit snugly onto them.

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