Filing a child injury lawsuit in NY: Quick pointers

Nothing is probably more traumatizing for a parent than knowing that their child has suffered injuries because of someone’s sheer negligence. Children can get hurt in different types of mishaps in New York – auto accidents, slip & fall accidents, pedestrian accidents, construction accidents, choking accidents, school & playground accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, and assault. As a parent, you are expected to take immediate steps and talk to a top legal team, such as King Law Firm. In this post, we are sharing some quick pointers about filing a child injury lawsuit in NY. 

Evaluating child injury claim

What is the worth of your claim? For injuries involving children, things can be tricky. A skilled attorney will evaluate your child’s injury claim based on certain factors. The first thing that matters is the nature and type of injuries endured by the child. They will also consider the medical care that the child will need in the present and the future, and for that, your attorney may even talk to medical experts. Whether the child is likely to make a full recovery or if the injury is likely to affect their quality of life and ability to earn in the future are also potential factors. 

Economic and non-economic damages

If you file a child injury claim as a parent or guardian, you can hope to get a settlement that will cover both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include medical bills, future medical care needs, diminished ability to earn in the future, cost of rehabilitative care, at-home assistance, and property damage. On the other hand, non-economic damages cover the trauma, pain & suffering that the child has endured and losses that cannot be measured in money. 

Finding the liable party

Before you file a child injury lawsuit, you need to determine who is responsible for your child’s suffering and injuries. Liable parties may include negligent drivers, caregivers, teachers, schools, daycare centers, landlords, government authorities, dog owners, and defective product manufacturers. 

Talk to an attorney

Proving aspects in a child injury lawsuit can be challenging, which is precisely why you need a reliable and experienced attorney on your side. The good part is most lawyers will evaluate your case for free and will offer their services (provided they are interested) for a contingency fee. You don’t need a fortune to lawyer up and seek justice for your child. 

Call a lawyer now to know more.

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