FIT ‘s General Education Requirements and Courses

FIT students who matriculated after fall 2000 must fulfill General Education requirements in order to receive a bachelor’s degree. These requirements are built into the FIT curriculum and in conjunction with major and related area courses in a degree program. An FIT General Education course cannot be used to meet more than one General Education area.

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At the Associate level Art & Design majors take 18 credits of General Education/Liberal Arts courses plus 6 credits of Art/Design History courses (to fulfill the NASAD accreditation requirement), totaling 24 credits. Business & Technology and Film & Media majors take 24 credits of General Education/Liberal Arts courses at the associate level.

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At the AAS level, a second English course is required for all majors. English courses cover a wide variety of General Education areas. All FIT students including transfers are required to complete a total of 30 SUNY General Education/ Liberal Arts credits (10 courses) in a minimum of seven of the ten areas in order to receive a Bachelor degree.

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This General Education structure is effective for FIT students entering AAS programs in Fall 2014 and for those entering BS/BFA programs in Fall 2015. To complete these requirements for a bachelor degree, students must take 30 credits of General Education approved courses. This distribution is as follows 1. Take one (1) course in each of the following areas (9 credits):

Basic Communications (G1), Mathematics (G2), and Natural Science (G3). 2. Take four (4) different courses from four (4) different areas(12 credits) in the G4-G10 categories: Social Sciences (G4), Western Civilization (G5), The Arts (G6), Humanities (G7), Foreign Language (G8), Other World Civilizations (G9), and American History (G10). 3. Take three (3) courses not previously taken in any of the ten (10) areas that meet SUNY General Education approval (9 credits).

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While the Registrar’s Office and the Academic Advisement Center monitor each student’s progress in the fulfillment of SUNY and FIT’s General Education requirements, final responsibility for completing the requirements rests with the student. A SUNY General Education requirement completed at one SUNY campus will not have to be repeated at FIT.

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