HelimMart adds the new Browan Helium Hotsport Miner to its store

There’s one more way to mine the HNT cryptocurrency via the Helium network. This is thanks to the new Browan Helium Hotspot Miner that’s making its way to the shops. With it you have another option to maximize your profit all while still bringing good value to the Helium network aka the People’s network.

If you are new to the world of IoT (Internet of Things) and Helium, here’s a quick recap. Helium is a global decentralized wireless network. It’s created to provide IoT devices with a reliable, fast, low-latency access to the Internet. This is possible thanks to the LoRaWAN standard that Helium uses which allows coverage of up to 10km in rural areas (less in dense urban zones). All of this is also equipped with the Helium blockchain for increased security.

Why the People’s network?

The Helium network is decentralized which means that there’s no one company that owns it. Instead, everyone owns it. Yes, anyone and everyone can join the Helium network. One of the ways is to simply check for coverage in your area and connect compatible IoT devices.

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What if there’s no cover? You can make it yourself. All you have to do is buy a Helium hotspot and an antenna and connect them to the internet. Then you will add to the expansion of the network, bettering the overall capacity and reliability. And why would you want to do that apart from simply being part of the project?

Well, every Helium hotspot is also a cryptocurrency miner. But you don’t guzzle up electricity to mine crypto just because. The Helium network has a different approach. You see hotspot owners are rewarded for their investment and so they receive the HNT cryptocurrency for their equipment while it is operational. There’s a special algorithm in place which verifies that all hotspots are where they claim to be. So, you can simply place 50 hotspots one next to another and await riches. Instead, you have to bring actual value to the Helium network and in turn you will be rewarded.

It is a winning approach as there are more than 1000 new hotspots added every day on a global scale. Currently there are more than 350 000 such hotspots all over the world. And even if you already have coverage in your city, you can still see a special map and use it to further improve the capacity in your area.

HNT mining done easy


There’s a lot of opportunity in such an endeavor. Mining the HNT cryptocurrency has its own specific details, but in the end it all boils down to how much value is your equipment adding to the network. So, good equipment and placement are key. While the placement will be a variable, the equipment is easy.

For example, the new Browan Merryiot Helium HNT Hotspot Miner which is making its way to the online store. This is a product which uses the latest technologies to bring high performance and reliability.

The Browan Merryiot Helium Hotspot Miner features 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage. It covers all requirements of the Helium network and is future-proof. The device has a built-in 0dBi SMA antenna and you can easily connect an external antenna to boost the signal strength and coverage even more. It takes full advantage of the energy efficient HNT mining capabilities, so it’s eco-friendly.

And yes, you can also use the Merryiot miner to connect your own IoT devices, too. It’s a great way to bring an entire facility, smart factory, farm or office into the Internet of Things age. Add such a hotspot and your premises are instantly ready for IoT projects with LoRaWAN capabilities. And you can be confident in the quality as Browan Communications is a respected member and sponsor of the LoRa Alliance with lots of experience in the area.

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You can find this and plenty other IoT devices, LoRaWAN and Helium hotspots on The store grows its product portfolio on a consistent basis and offers sensors and Helium equipment for everyone who want to join the Helium network or use its capabilities.

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