How can Digital Survey QR codes aid in the reduction of COVID-19 cases in society?

With the emergence of the new Covid-19 variant, Omicron, the coronavirus threat has grown more serious. We began the unfamiliar order setting while adhering to health safety guidelines. Most industries affected are strongly encouraged to use a way to interact with their customers and visitors to continue activities.

Due to these new transaction means, software enthusiasts have introduced a new survey method. In this new approach, QR codes assist most businesses and others in attaining a digitalized contactless survey.

What exactly is a QR code for a digital survey?

A QR code for a digital survey is a type of survey that can be done contactless by completely removing the utilization of physical resources such as paper and pen in filling out questionnaires. Through this, a person can access the questionnaire and send it instantly by scanning the survey QR code with their phones. Because it is contactless and faster, this new survey method safeguards everyone’s safety. A Google Form QR code is one great example of a digital survey QR code that businesses and other institutions can use.

The digital survey QR codes are ordinarily seen on establishments in the food and leisure industry, and other institutions where clients and visitors are asked to complete surveys or provide feedback on their services by just scanning the code.

The advantages of a digital survey QR code

Using a QR code to promote a digital survey is highly beneficial. Here are some advantages that business and other establishments using a QR code for digital survey:

  • Secure the safety of both you and your customers and visitors.
  • Interaction without paper
  • Eliminates the workforce and financial expense
  • They can access QR codes via smartphones.
  • Because it is in digital form, they can quickly sort the data.
  • Simple to store
  • Has the potential to increase the number of responses
  • Raise public awareness about QR codes.

How do I generate a QR code for a digital survey?

It appears challenging to figure out how to create a QR code for a digital survey. However, by integrating these easy steps, you may provide your customers and visitors with an innovative and secure method of responding to your health safety survey forms.

1. Make questionnaire survey forms through your favored online survey forms software.

Start creating a digital questionnaire survey forms using the online survey website you find easy for you and best suits the outcome you want for the digital forms to appear. Ensure to make it understandable and simple for the majority of the respondent to use.

2. Open an online QR code generator with logo and generate your digital survey QR code.

When you’re finished making your digital form, secure the link by copying the URL and opening a QR code generator online. Continue to create your digital survey QR code through opening the URL category of found in your QR code generator and then pasting your online survey form link in the required space.

Always double-check if the URL is correct before creating the QR code for digital survey to free yourself from errors or lead your clients and visitors to the wrong page.

3. Configure your digital survey QR code’s design

After you’ve created your digital survey QR code, configure its look by integrating varying the patterns, colors and eyes of the code that suit your envisioned design. And apart from that, try to increase the scanning rate by including a call to action (for example, “scan to answer”) and a frame to it.

4. Try out digital survey QR code you created.

Upon configuring the QR code, it is critical to test it. This helps assess its scanning speed rate and identify whether it guides your customers and visitors to the correct page after they scan it.

5. Print and Distribute

Once you are ready to distribute the digital survey QR code without any difficulty, hang the code on the entrance of your business, the tabletop, or the dedicated space for visitors to lounge in before going in to the establishment. Consider the best location to scan it and help customers and visitors quickly answer the contactless digital survey forms.


Customers’ feedback in a survey is one way for businesses to ameliorate their health guidelines integration and services. As we approach the peak of digitalization, a new method of conducting surveys emerges. QR codes have become a critical tool in achieving a safe survey mode, particularly during the pandemic where everyone’s health is at stake.

Using a digital survey QR code is a massive help in identifying possible COVID-19 spread points and limiting the transmission activity within the society, Because of that, integrating a QR code generator with logo online to create one is now a must for every establishments today.

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