How Include Fireplace In Living Room Wall

Michigan is renowned for its severe weather, and its cooler months rarely have temperatures that fall well below freezing. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure the heating systems of your home are able to keep you warm throughout the year. You can invest in fireplace inserts to enhance efficiency and maximize your home comfort if you rely on your house fireplace as a source of heat for the living areas of your home.

What many homeowners cannot understand are the incredibly inefficient old fireplaces which radiate only about 10% of the heat they create in halls. If a fireplace electric insert is put in your house, the healing potential of your fireplace can be greatly increased by up to 80%. However, if you don’t know about fireplace inserts, you probably wonder about what they’re, how they work, and whether it would be ideal for your home to invest in a fireplace insert. Here is what you need to know about fireplace inserts to help you make an informed decision.


You may not be sure what they are when you haven’t heard of fireplace inserts before. The iron or stainless steel box is placed atop an insulating glass front existing masonry feather in a similar wood furnace to enhance efficiency is the fireplace insert. The insert is designed to contain and heat in the room to prevent traditional fireplaces from being ineffectual.

While your chimney may appear to heat your home, it simply provides the region surrounding the chimney with modest heat. Most of the heat produced in your fireplace is lost because much of the hot air from your fireplace gets sucked out.


Of course, you’ll want to know that your investments will last for many years if you make a large investment at home. How long will your chimney insert endure depends on how well you care about it. As with other things. On the other hand, when maintained correctly, a fireplace insert may last 20 years or longer, making it a wonderful investment in your home’s future.


You may worry whether a fireplace insert is a smart choice for your home if it is pricey. The cost of a fireplace insert will vary substantially, like many other appliances you purchase, based on a range of parameters, among them are the size, features, and fuel sources. Indeed, depending on the size of your property, a fireplace inset might cost between $1,500 and $6,500 or more. However, it might be an investment in your property if the fireplace is installed because it saves you time and helps to reduce the expense of heating your house.


By trapping the heat in the fireplace’s shell, fireplace inserts help to reduce the inefficiency of the fireplace. The fireplace is fitted with a firebox, and the insert fire can be seen inside the door of the insert through a window. The metal box traps the heat and flows back into the room when the combustion chamber heats up. Many fireplaces have even a blower that helps the front winds retreat the warm air into space.

The shape of the insert helps to prevent energy waste by helping to confine the fire heat and to route it to your home where it is needed. Fireplace inserts come in a range of forms and types, and depending on the model you select, can use a variety of fuel sources, including electricity, gas, propane, wood, pellets, or coal.


You may want to ponder if you can install it yourself once you’ve chosen a fireplace insert. It is actually a hard procedure while installing a fireplace insert that seems as simple as moving the unit. You need the fireplace cleaned, examined, and covered with a duct liner that connects to the fireplace insert before installing the fireplace insertion.

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The fireplace insert may then have to be linked to your power or gas supply line according to the insert type you have selected. If one of the procedures is not done properly, it can become a security issue for your fireplace insert and it is therefore important to engage with an experienced fireplace builder to bring a fireplace insert to your home.


You will need to find what insert size you need before you start searching for styles and patterns if you have chosen to invest in a fireplace insert.

Measure your fireplace

Your first step is to take a tape measure and measure your current chimney. The height and width of the front entrance of your fireplace, your fireplace depth, and the height and width of your fireplace’s rear wall are the measures you must take. You can choose the fireplace that fits into your fireplace if you know these specs.

Determine what gas is needed

Next, you have to pick how much heat you want to create your insert because fireplace inserts have 30,000 to 85,000 BTUs per hour and more. Finally, the wattage of an insert on a fireplace that you need will rely on a range of elements, including the heating space.

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For instance, a BTU 30,000 insert may be sufficient if you only use your fireplace to heat your modest study or living room. You might want to go for a more powerful unit nonetheless if you plan to heat a big room or if your home has poor isolation. A skilled contractor can help you determine the right insert for your property according to your demands.

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