How to Choose Reliable Internet?

Finding a reliable internet service for your home is definitely a tough row to hoe.  One of the most essential factors in selecting your internet plan is what type of internet user you are. The moment you have learned about your internet needs, you will find it simpler and easier to track down an internet service provider that meets your requirements.

Confused about how to do it? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Here is a quick and easy guide to help you determine the right internet package for your home. So, let’s get started

Explore the Broadband Types in Your Area

Any type of internet connection that is always-on is termed broadband. It has four different types – cable, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Satellite, and Fiber. All of these differ from each other on the basis of speed, costs, reliability, and availability.

Cable Internet

The type of internet that uses old cable lines to deliver a connection to your home. Now, most cable providers have upgraded their cable network with fiber-optic to deliver higher download speeds and more data allowance. The download speeds typically range from 3 Mbps – 1000 Mbps but vary drastically depending on your location. Its installation procedure is also pretty straightforward.

Digital Subscriber Line

DSL utilizes your home phone line to transmit internet connection. The speed is usually slower than cable internet, but you can easily play online games, stream Netflix, and browse the web. If you are low on budget, then DSL may be suitable for you as it is one of the most affordable internet options.


For this internet type, you need to install a dish on your rooftop that gets signals from the satellite. It offers up to 25 Mbps download speeds and up to 3 Mbps of upload. The best thing about satellite internet is that it is available almost everywhere. But, it may cost you a little more than cable or DSL.

Fiber Optic

Fiber internet is undoubtedly the fastest internet option available. It uses special glass or plastic cables, whose thickness is the size of a human hair, to provide a connection to your home. It offers almost symmetrical upload and download speeds as high up as 1000 Mbps along with unlimited internet data. The only issue is that fiber optic is only available in limited areas. So, it depends on how lucky you are based on your residential area.

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After you are done exploring different internet types available in your area, it is time to choose a specific plan based on your internet usage. Here are the 3 most important things that you should consider:

Download Speeds

The speeds that you need to download data and files on your computer are called download speeds. If you use the internet for playing games, downloading movies, or online streaming, then you need to buy a package with good download speed for a smooth experience. Otherwise, you may face dropped connections, freezes, and other issues.

Upload Speeds

With upload speeds, you can send data through the internet to anyone. If you use the internet for back-ups or cloud storage, then you may need to invest in an internet plan offering good upload speeds such as a pure fiber-optic connection.

Data Limits

Approximately 1000 GB of monthly data is considered enough to meet all your internet needs.  You can browse the web, download some movies, and enjoy Netflix for certain hours a day. But, there are two scenarios where you may unintentionally cross this limit – these are:

  • 4K Video: Watching a high-resolution video consumes almost 4times more data than the normal quality. So, you may not be able to use your data efficiently for other purposes.
  • Zombie or smart devices: Some devices like smart appliances, security cameras, and smartwatches keep using your data secretly in the background. This dramatically affects your data consumption speed.

In this world of rapidly evolving technology, we would suggest you choose an internet package with a data cap a little more than your current needs. This way, you could later ask your ISP to increase the data cap in case your data consumption increases.

Bottom Line

Apart from the aforementioned things, we would suggest you look for providers who offer around-the-clock support like Spectrum Customer Service. This means you can get in touch with a customer service rep anytime you want. And they can even guide you about the most suitable internet package for your home, based on your budget requirements and usage pattern.

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