How Video Animation can be beneficial to Corporate World

Have you ever thought about how famous companies make their way up to the top? And how they left their prints on people’s minds? Because they evolve – with time, generation, trend-to-trend, and competition.

After the digitalization of marketing, companies are adopting various types of marketing trends. This state of diversion has caused competition among the companies. As a result, every business, brand, and company are looking for some unique way of promotion.

It has always been a great challenge for brands to establish their name and launch their product like no one did before or better than others. Therefore, diversity and inclusion are vital for business development and marketing ground.

People of this era are more interested in visualization than reading scripts, and due to digitalized evolution, people are more into video than text. But unfortunately, the audience has also becoming choosy about videos. Before diving into the content of the video, the audience chooses to observe the appearance of the video, and if they like it, they sink in otherwise left the page. And this has made a video making more challenging than the production of a product for companies.

But the question is how to make engaging content with an attractive appearance? Easy peasy – write a video script and then merge it with one of the best video trends.

Choosing the right video trend is the real game in digital marketing. However, to make it perfect and likable, you need to follow some tips and tricks. This blog will make sure that all of your queries and unasked questions will get satisfactory answers.

Tips and Tricks

To keep your brand on top of your customer’s minds, keep following these tips before making a corporate video:

  • Know your audience.
  • Highlight their problems.
  • Tell them how your product, service, or brand will help.
  • How your product or service is best in the market.
  • Keep your audience’s focus on your product or service.
  • Do not forget to mention your brand and company.
  • Prioritize your customer – they love sugarcoating.
  • Choose the right music and color scheme.

List of the Type of Videos for Corporate

Video production has lots of flavors that you can pick according to your business and the taste of your audience or customer—some of the famous video types that companies use to make their corporate videos are:

  1. Live-action video.
  2. Live-streaming video.
  3. Explainer video.
  4. Whiteboard video.
  5. Storytelling video.
  6. Motion Graphics video.
  7. Screencast video.
  8. Typography video.
  9. Animation video, and more.

The benefit of using Video Animation

Video Animation is the most versatile type of video production, and most of the types, as mentioned earlier, can be made in animation. In addition, many companies prefer video animation to add more vibrance to the video.

Animated videos are created with illustrations, designs, drawings, and 2D & 3D characters that move in an eye-catching way. The animated video clip can be of 1-15 minutes according to the need of the video.

Entrepreneurs put effort into making a perfect product, and due to poor marketing, it fails to achieve success. the animated video has opened up innovative and impactful options to promote products and services. Animated videos are the most interesting and effective way to grab the attention of your targeted audience in no time.

The animated videos are an effective way to highlight the features of your product, service, and brand. For example, suppose you are a tech or  IT company and make a product with complex specifications. In that case, you can use animation to illustrate complicated concepts in an understandable way.

Now, take a look at these top five reasons that make video animation beneficial to the corporate world:

1. Beat your competitor

Digital marketing is raising the heat and making the competition tough among the companies. Therefore, it is essential for you to stand one step ahead of your competitors. An animated video can help you beat the conventional marketing styles and imprint your name in the market.  It will help you build an image of a creative, innovative, and out-of-the-box thinking company in the eye of your audience.

2. Increase conversion ratio

Animated videos inspire your viewers to invest and purchase whatever you are selling. It not just engages the audience but generates maximum profit for your business. Unbounce has stated in an article that a video on the landing page can give an 80% boost to your conversion.

Companies use animated videos to attract customers; whatever you sell, animated videos are the right choice to highlight products and increase viewer engagement.

3. Increase your website traffic

Conversion XL has mentioned that a website with video(s) can increase your organic traffic up to 157%, which means animated video can boost up to 200% of traffic on your website.

You can post your animated videos on the social media platform to increase and redirect traffic to your webpage. You can use captivating content in your animated video that increases the effective chance of engaging people.

Animated videos have the potential to drag people’s attention toward your business in an exciting manner. So start investing in animation video because entertainment with engagement can increase your sales and traffic.

4. SEO betterment

Including animated video can help you to improve your SEO and get ranked high on Google. Animated videos can help increase the weight of your SEO, and Google will put your website on the higher rank, making your weblink visible and accessible to the consumers.

Animated video can hold the visit of your viewers longer on your website, and Google’s SEO algorithm places it in a “highly and long visited page” that’s why most of the brands put animated videos on their websites.

5. Make your clients understand your brand

Sometimes clients do not buy the product or subscribe to the service because of the ambiguity in the description and sales pitch. Animation helps your viewer to understand your business in a simple and easy way.

You can use animated explainer video, whiteboard animation, and storytelling to simplify your product. You can break down your product into understandable parts that help your viewers digest all the information easily.

Hire a good video animation company

Animated video is an effective marketing tool that you can use to educate people about your product, and many video animation companies are out there that can help you create your animated video.

BuzzFlick is a famous and award-winning video animation company with a creative team of animators. They have expertise in 2D animation, explainer video, motion graphics, corporate videos, whiteboard animation, and video editing.

The studio provides services in New York, Houston, Dover, and Melbourne and is trusted by many renowned companies. BuzzFlick is the best choice for video animation, do your marketing in style.

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