Importance of radio communication in underground mines

Before the invention of radio communication technology, mine workers had to face many problems in communication with each other during operations in mines. Government research developed a radio technology system in Feb 2007, this technology system helps rescuers to exchange their voice messages through Rock of hundreds of feet, debris. The U.S. Government research derives the underground radio technology to meet the requirements of the U.S. mining industry and thus the radio system is used all over the world. Radio communication systems play a very important role in these underground mines because when accidents happen in mines many workers often don’t receive an alert in time to shift.

In large mines and buildings, workers are often inadequate to observe problems early enough to take corrective action to prevent themselves. The incapacity of rescuers to coordinate with others is the common problem of these events. Because of no source of reporting and inability to alert workers or the employees during the event of danger. In these situations, radio communication plays a very important role for underground mines when an incident happens in the mines.

There is an urgent need to track the position through mine workers and move them out as soon as possible. A radio communication system squints through the earth to allow rescuers to contact personnel in deep mines, buildings, and subways. The underground mines are a dangerous place. It is not easy to perform underground mining work. But with the help of an underground radio communication system, it is easy to communicate with mine workers who are working underground.

  • Ensures safety of workers when accidents happen in mines many workers often don’t receive an alert in time to evacuate so with the help of radio communication rescuers can communicate with the workers to alert them. This is how radio communication ensures the safety of workers.
  • Increase productivity An effective underground radio communication system increases productivity, reduces the cost of electrical devices, and by providing immediate messages from hundreds of feet under the ground to the concerned resources and workers working above the ground.
  • Way of communication helps in underground mines in the way of communication between underground and the surface workers through the system underground workers can share any important information with the surface workers and surface workers can also share any information through the radio communication system. They don’t have to change their places to pass the information
  • Wireless system radio communication in underground mines provides a wireless system that helps mine workers to communicate. They can receive any message from outside as well as underground in mines; they just need to focus on their duty and feel free to perform work.
  • Easy to locate with the help of a radio communication system savers can easily alert mine workers and can save them from accidents. For example, when there is a possibility of an earthquake the mineworkers get an alert through a radio system and can move out from that place immediately. They always work in a dangerous environment but they feel safe when they have radio technology.

We hope that this article on radio communication in tunnels helps you understand the intricacies.

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