Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Discussing Divorce with Your Children in Newton MA

If you have decided to file for a divorce, you may be worried about your children’s reaction to it. However, because this decision is highly emotional, you may still don’t know how to tell your children about it. Although this discussion will be difficult, there are ways to navigate the conversation while making your kids feel loved and supported. An experienced Newton MA divorce lawyer can give advice on how to handle this discussion because they have seen and heard it all from their previous clients. Their tips can include the following:

Plan Your Approach

When you talk to your kids about the divorce, ensure both of their parents are there. When you and your spouse are present, your kids know that you will both be there for them in the future.

Once the divorce petition has been filed, you and your spouse will have to negotiate different issues with your attorneys. You must plan for the divorce discussions with your kids to prepare for how you must discuss other issues with them someday. A counselor or a family attorney can help you plan this discussion. Plan to sit down as a family on a day like a weekend. Ensure your children have the time and space to react to the announcement and ask questions. Also, talk to them without anger to avoid giving them a traumatic experience. 

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Concentrate on the Well-being of Your Children

When you try to sit down with your kids to announce your divorce, ensure you don’t make them feel they have to take sides. You do not need to tell them the intimate details of the marriage and the reason you want to end it. Also, your kids don’t have to know all the information you share with your lawyer or counselor. Even if one party is at fault for the divorce, don’t make your kids as if they need to decide which parent they should be loyal to. If your children ask about the reason for the divorce, it is okay to tell them you are not happy or need life changes. Just ensure them that your breakup is not their fault or has nothing to do with them and that you both love them. 

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Discussing divorce with children is always complex. Children may be upset, angry, or withdrawn. Experts such as counselors, therapists, and family attorneys can give advice on how to move forward and make sure your kids are protected as you divorce. 

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