KBC Lottery Head Office Number – Play & Earn Money

The KBC lottery head office number can be found on their website. It is recommended that you do not share this number with other people. To contact KBC officials, you should dial the exit code (001) and the country code of India. If you play the lottery using WhatsApp, you should put the KBC lottery head office number in your contacts list. By using this number, you will be able to receive prize confirmations.

Check KBC website

The KBC lottery head office number is available on their website. You can call the number to check the status of your prize. Once you enter your lottery head office number, you should be connected to the advisory team within 24 hours. You can even ask questions through their FAQ section, which you can access from the website. This is also an excellent way to check if you have won a prize. If you have won a cash prize, you can contact the KBC head offices by calling the number and providing the details.

Besides calling the KBC head office number, you can also use it to check your winning numbers or ask office staff questions. The KBC office is located in Mumbai, so you can call them if you live in Mumbai. The KBC head office number is available on the company website or mobile phone. If you have a question that you need to be answered, the customer care team will answer your question right away.

Contact via email, text, or chat

You can contact the KBC lottery head office through email, text, or chat for other inquiries. They will help you resolve your problem quickly. The KBC head office phone number is located in the capital city of Mumbai. They have a customer service center that will answer your questions, and they will call you back if they can help. You can even get a tax return for winning lottery tickets with KBC’s helpline.

The KBC lottery head office is located in Mumbai, India. You can contact them using the KBC lottery phone number. You can also use this number to check the results of the kbc lottery winner online. You can also use it to confirm your lottery winnings, as well as know-how much tax you need to pay. This number will help you with all your queries regarding the KBC lottery. If you have any questions about KBC, you can contact them through this number.

Track winners

The KBC lottery head office has two locations: Delhi and Kolkata. The KBC lottery phone number is used to track winners and sell lottery tickets. You can also call the KBC lottery to ask questions. There is a chat room available online, and you can even talk to office staff in person. There is a dedicated team of employees who can answer your queries. However, you may not call the KBC office if you have not won the lottery because your number is not listed on the website.

There are two ways to contact the KBC lottery. The first is to go to their website and look for the KBC lottery head office number. The second option is to use WhatsApp to contact KBC. You can use this number to contact KBC if you have won the KBC lottery. You can call the KBC head office and claim the prize if you win. You can also get your tax return if you want.

Helpline number

Once you have registered for the KBC lottery, you can call the head office to report missed or scammed calls. The number is available for callers across India. You can contact the KBC lottery head office at +19188444470. The head office is located in Mumbai and offers cash prizes and live shows. You can reach the KBC lottery head office through this number. Once you’ve registered, call the KBC lottery to get more information about the prize.

In Last:

The KBC lottery head office can be contacted through the helpline number. If you’re having a problem with your lottery, the call center executive will be able to help you. If your complaint is not resolved, you can also contact the KBC lottery head-office number and get the details of your winning numbers. You can also contact the head office if you have missed any calls from the KBC.

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