Learn how to get more Followers on TikTok

Want to increase your TikTok subscribers but don’t know how?

The social network currently has over 800 million monthly users and offers opportunities for businesses looking to increase their visibility in the digital world. To become an integral part of TikTok and gain subscribers, you need a lot of followers who interact with your content.

Use these tips to increase your subscribers on this essential social entertainment platform!

  1. Reach out to Gen Z and get followers

For some, TikTok represents a teenager doing a dance challenge. But now brands like Gucci or Aerie are appearing on the platform and have many followers. Despite 41% of users being Gen Z, aged 16-24, they have a loyal audience. This is an opportunity for your company to strengthen its notoriety with this generation and maintain it for years to come.

  1. Get Subscribers by Optimizing Your TikTok Profile

What image would you like to present on the platform? Think before creating your profile.

Here are 3 tips you need to know to create an attractive profile:

  • Choose a professional and attractive profile picture. TikTok users don’t hesitate to follow an account just because they like their profile picture etc.
  • Choose a short, easy-to-remember username. If you’re on a different social network, it’s best to keep the name you’re already using to be consistent and not destabilize your existing audience.


  • Complete your profile with all the information you need to promote your brand to subscribers.
  • Delegate Tiktok profile creation to a freelance community manager. Your profile will be optimized according to your values ​​and will best serve your goals to gain subscribers!
  1. Provide original and fun content to subscribers

TikTok is, first of all, an entertainment platform, so you need to provide interesting content to your subscribers. If you want to find your place in this network rather than imitating other influencers, you must bet on creativity and creativity. To do this, define the style of the video you want to present and then edit it with the editing options of the application. You can also use more sophisticated video editing applications to add added value and deliver exclusive content.

To optimize your chances of posting a viral video without tiring your subscribers, always prefer a shorter format (up to about 15 seconds).

Need inspiration?

Discover 6 creative ideas for TikTok videos!

You can entrust video production and shoot to freelancers. Save time with TikTok subscribers for less than the agency!

Buy followers, likes and views for TikTok

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  1. Choose Posting Time

We recommend posting during peak hours to increase your reach. On TikTok, you should active from 11 AM to 5 PM. It is a good idea to study the behavior and habits of network members to know when they are active. You can then create an editorial calendar to organize and plan your video publications.

  1. Interact with other influential accounts

This technique of gaining followers on TikTok also works on other social networks. Follow influential accounts by leaving comments and liking posts. We encourage you to interact with profiles that are relevant to you. Again, be creative and original when you leave a comment. This is the best way to stand out and grab your users’ attention. You can also optimize your chances of attracting new TikTok subscribers by subscribing to various interesting profiles.

  1. Share TikTok videos on other social networks

Would you like to share your work on other networks?

This is your chance to bring new content to your existing subscribers, spark their curiosity and invite them to discover your brand on this platform from a new angle. This can be a wonderful way to increase the number of TikTok followers.

  1. Join the challenges and challenges on TikTok

This challenge, an integral part of TikTok, offers the possibility to create viral content. The challenge, or the principle of the challenge, is to edit a video of you singing or dancing to a musical background.

TikTok: Some more tips to Become Famous on TikTok and Get More TikTok likes

How to Get More Views and Likes on TikTok Videos

If you want to get more views and likes on your TikTok videos, use the 5-point system. Here’s how to use these 5 points to make your video more compelling.

  1. Look attractive in your video

This is what makes us different. This is what is important to your personality. The sexier and attractive you look, the more people want to see your video and share it with your friends. According to some studies, we noticed that people who look more attractive are more likely to get out of trouble than those who don’t.

Being attractive here doesn’t mean you have to be handsome or beautiful. This means you don’t have to get up and start making TikTok videos. The more time you spend making your short music or TikTok video more perfect, the more people love and share it, the more likes you get.

  1. Collaborate with TikTok Influencers

A very simple way to become famous on TikTok is If someone has 1 million followers collaborates with a TikTok user with 500,000 subscribers, both are likely to benefit from this relationship. This is a common human trait known as “mutual benefit”, meaning that two people are in a win-win situation and no one loses. So try to find people making videos in the same niche as you. This will increase your chances of having more followers by 10.


Optimizing your TikTok video is essential if you want to promote yourself and be successful on social media.

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