Making the act of choosing recruitment CRM a less daunting task

The world’s leading recruitment agencies work with a recruitment software system. Using such a software solution ensures that recruiters go beyond just writing job adverts and screening candidates. It opens a new way of recruiting. But everything depends on whether the agency chooses the right recruitment CRM software.

The best recruitment software and how to find it

When a recruiter gets ready to buy a CRM for their agency, they will find be inundated with the slew of options in the market. Some might want to sidestep research and just go ahead with one of the popular choices. That might work for some agencies. But that’s not always the case.

Research is vital to zero in on the perfect match. A good research process is essential to finding a good software partner as it helps agencies get a comprehensive idea of the kinds of software suppliers out there and the services they are offering. The point of research is not just to find good products but mostly to find products that are compatible with the agency and the sort of work they do.

Thus, in order to find the best recruitment agency software, recruiters must start with research that is extensive and detailed.

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  • Find all the top recruitment CRM and read all about them
  • Book demos to see the CRM in action
  • Ask all the pertinent questions as related to the agency
  • Get colleagues to join the product demo as it opens the mind
  • Make sure the software integrates smoothly with all other tech tools
  • Enquire after and research client support
  • Read customer testimonials and client reviews

Seeing recruitment software systems in action is an imperative part of the research. Reading about the software’s features is about getting a gist of what the supplier can offer to customers. It is only in seeing the CRM functioning that recruiters can get a true idea of what it would be like using it on a daily basis.

Online demos are commonplace now. So, recruiters can easily book demos for different CRM products to help them decide which one is the most suitable for them.

It is best to get a few colleagues to participate in the demo. Having more than one person check the CRM helps in the decision-making process.

Recruiters can use the demo time to ask questions and clear doubts. For instance, they can ask about the onboarding process as well as what happens to data if users decide to leave. They can also discuss which other tech tools integrate best with this recruitment software. Instead of hazarding a guess, it is best to put the important questions out there for the suppliers to answer.

The client support system happens to be one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to questioning a recruitment agency software supplier. However, as recruitment is an extremely busy and competitive industry, it is fundamental to have tech support that is flawless and strong. Even a minor glitch can stop business which is detrimental for recruiters who have to deal with many candidates and clients in a single day.

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For that purpose, recruitment software suppliers must have a robust customer care system. If recruiters encounter any issue then they should be able to get immediate support and answers from the support team.

One additional thing to note when seeking the best recruitment software is to ensure that it matches the recruiting firm. So, recruiters placing staff on temporary basis should use temporary recruitment agency software if they want to get the most benefit. And head-hunters from executive search firms must only use executive search software as it is the most relevant CRM software for them.

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