MEP Systems And Their Role In The Buildings

MEP or mechanical, electrical, and plumbing is the life element in any building. The MEP component provides sustenance to the life inside the steel frame and the masonry walls along with multiple other structural parts.

MEP systems are responsible to create conditions that support life in the indoors through a number of systems. These systems vary as per the design and scope of the buildings. Despite that, they are vital and any building today cannot function to the desired output.

MEP Components

MEP systems require certain materials as per the working of the required system. Contractors can learn about these components altogether or have them individually as per mechanical, electrical, and plumbing parts.

Let us have a look at the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing individually.

Mechanical Part

Mechanical deals with the pressure, heat, and air concerns. This plays an important part in our life-sustaining and maintaining factors. These materials are simple air conditioning units, boilers, exhaust fans, and others.

Electrical Part

They provide electricity to run all sorts of electrical devices including mechanical ones. This way the whole MEP systems work. these include all the items and devices that make way for electricity transport from the gird to the usage point such as wires, fuses, switches, and others.

Plumbing Part

These provide passage. Wires for electricity part and fluids for mechanical. These include pipes and their supporting materials.

With these combined, MEP systems are fabricated. To assist in this, MEP drafting contributes greatly.

MEP Systems

A number of systems are made to make life inside buildings possible. These systems provide certain ease and facilities to the inhabitants and make their lives easy. These systems are simple MEP systems.

They consisted of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing items. These items combine to provide certain basic facilities. These systems and their facilities are as under:

Water supply system. This system supplies water for basic drinking washing and bathing purpose. Although this in its most basic form does not need electrical and mechanical parts, today it includes water heating and cooling that require both.

Drainage system. Whether it is the household used water or they are industrial liquids, they need drainage. This system too like the water supply requires mechanical and electrical parts in case the liquid is sucked out or pushed out.

Power plant piping system. In particular, in the steam power plants piping play an important role. In this industrial plant, the steam is regulated and sometimes maintain through electrical and mechanical devices.

Heating ventilation and air conditioning system. This system maintains the air mainly in residential and commercial projects. The temperature along with the air quality is maintained. Mechanical devices cast out all the effects and produce the right results.

Hybrid heat system. Heating is an important concern, particularly for industrial projects. This system provides two options to produce heat both with fossil fuel and with electrical heating.

Lighting system. It provides electricity and regulates lights. This mainly just covers the electric item. But in the today’s world mechanical items are included to provide lights based on sensors.

Emergency and alarm system. An alarm is a vital concern today to live in peace. To install them properly, heat and motion sensors are used. These sensors run on electricity and provide a timely alarm facility to the inhabitants.

Building these and various other MEP systems are assisted with MEP modeling services.


MEP systems are an important part of our lives. They play an important role to ease the routine chores. These systems constitute mechanical, electrical, and plumbing items. These items carry out the effects which combined provide the required effects.

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