My cat eats flies and other insects: serious?

Your cat has recently benefited from a small 100% protein diet by swallowing flies in front of your eyes or eating grasshoppers. Is it serious if your pet friend is eating insects, or is it different for him or her? We answer your questions, in the midst of disgust, curiosity and anxiety …

Why is my cat eating insects?

Cats can hunt flies and other insects, especially if they are in the wild, by hunting easily. It then responds to its traditional function. It crawls, chases, grits its teeth, slips itself to the ground, and suddenly begins to jump over to catch its prey.

Most of the time, they beat their pet, playing with it when it wakes up. These traits allow them to prolong hunting, which they enjoy, but also to scare away insects to reduce the risk. Note that some cats will eat their pets, others will not (especially if they have been properly fed by their human master).

Are there any insects that are toxic to the deaf?

Rest assured, most of the cats your cat hunts and food is not poisonous to them. Tell yourself that if you could eat them (negrimace), he could too. It is a great way to bring a little bit of variety into one’s diet, to get fresh flavors and fresh flavors.

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However, some insects can be dangerous if eaten, in such rare cases. So, it is better to get to know them so that they can look after your cat after this meal, which is the first to say the least.

An important issue for flies

If we talk too easily about Cats Eating Flies when we are worried about our cat, it is above all because the insect is present in abundance and produces high speed when the temperature reaches 20 degrees.

So whether you live in the city or in the countryside, your cat may be able to get out or not, you can be sure that it will soon encounter a few flies. A godsend for a flat cat that sees fewer insects!

And flies get bad press, because it’s a real repository of diseases, and they can lay thousands of eggs despite a short life span, less than 30 days.

Also, flies may have eaten a good insect repellent before being swallowed by your cat. But there is little chance that he will swallow a dead fly, which has little interest in him and does not awaken his hunting habit.

In the end, the occasional infestation of flies does not pose any real danger to your hairball. Providing the following precautions:

Avoid pesticides and enjoy sticking flies, even if they are not good for your home, are very effective. Deworm your cat regularly, as flies can transmit insects and worms to them, but this should be done in all cases.

Insects are eaten safely by your cat

Many of the insects that live in our habitat and can be prey for our cats do not represent more danger than flies. So, your cat can eat them quietly, as long as you prevent pests and regularly give antiparasitic treatment.

Instead, look for all the insects that your cat can hunt and / or eat safely:

  • Cobras: rhinos and cobras are tough, they get into the ball funny but your cat plays with it and doesn’t want to eat it because of the shell.
  • Dermaptera: these are earwigs, understand earwigs or earwigs, they are fun and harmless, but they rarely taste with your pet, and this is a good thing, because they are a great complement to farmers.
  • Diptera: these are flies, but also mosquitoes and their descendants, lively and charming, with many legs,
  • Homoptera: these aphids, which do not like cats because they are very small, but also cicadas, are highly sought after for their beauty.
  • Lepidoptera: these worms, butterflies and moths, fascinating messages and many proteins,
  • Mantoptera: It looks like Orthoptera, but it is not, there are mantises that stick there, try to protect your cat, especially if you live in Île de France, because it is a protected species,
  • Odonates: these dragonflies, damselflies, and their flowers, fast, flying, are delightful animals full of wonders,
  • Orthopteria: these are locusts, crickets, and locusts, which make noise, jump, are high in protein, and claim to be very tasty!

We hope this brief description, far from complete, will have reassured you of the harmless effects of these cats on your cat. You might even be tempted to dine with him, who knows?

Insects are dangerous to your cat if eaten

In the wild, your cat not only encounters good people but sometimes encounters an unpleasant insect, even if it is dangerous if it comes to play with it or swallows it. So it will be important to check your cat and take it to a veterinarian if it shows signs of poisoning, swelling, irritability following this event. Thus, accidents are rare, and cats avoid danger.

So, here are some animals you need to be careful of, they should not be on your cat’s menu:

  • Blattoptera: these cockroaches, cockroaches and cockroaches, they give a lot of injections, get rid of your cat worms without delay,
  • Heteroptera: these insects and pests, not only do these insects stink when you bite them, but they can also produce toxic and irritating substances to protect themselves,
  • Hymenoptera: these bees, bees, bees, it is better for Grisou to stay away from them because their bite is painful, even dangerous, and these ants, if they can eat black, it is better to protect themselves. ,Visit this site : thedoliveRead More About: moviesmon

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