Prepare Social Studies Subjects For Board Examinations

Everyone either finds the social studies subject group extremely easy or extremely difficult to study with. Most of the time, students do not find this subject extremely important enough because it is not as complicated as the other subjects of science and mathematics. This is why multiple people underestimate the way question papers will be made, and land up on disagreeable marks. If you, as a student, have underestimated the qualities of social studies subjects like history, geography, and civics, this is your wake-up call. Find out more about the history of Matokeo Darasa la Saba and why it is so important to our ancestors.

Pay attention

Because social studies are divided into two parts, understanding, and learning, like most other subjects, you have to pay great attention in your classroom while your educator is teaching.

Sometimes, to understand multiple complex parts of history, students must get to know the story. Especially when you entered the contemporary world in higher classes, you have to understand the connection between how some words were caused by world wars and some other wars that led to the World War. In one way or other, all of this is interrelated, and there is no better way of understanding the connection between them rather than listening to your teacher draw the connections.

Learning management system

You can also try to sign up with other classes applications if school and university-assigned classes do not help you out a lot. Here, you can find the learning management system with multiple helpful features and tools.

Offline class recordings: You can visit these again and again for revising, clearing a concept, or even referring to it once you have missed a class due to other commitments.

  • Chat rooms: Doubt that you just cannot clear from the recordings and notes? Ask your classmates or teacher in the chat rooms.
  • Videos: Do you remember looking at the merchant of Venice videos on YouTube so that you can study them easily? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a play, you can look up the movie or video version of many novels and stories assigned in your literature syllabus. Similarly, because history relates to facts and incidents that have happened, you can also look up some relevant videos online in the learning management system for reference.

Practice the maps

Geography requires practice English by skype, especially when you have topographs and topo-sheets, and maps from countries or states of India and other continents. Here are some tips to help you out with those complicated maps;

  • Note down all the symbols in one place in a colored version so that you can read them out every morning, or any time of the day. When you are familiar with the term you save a lot of time in your examination and do not have to be switching back from the reference to the map.
  • Separate landforms and water bodies, or categorize the details as per your convenience.
  • Buy an entire set of toposheet where answers have already been provided, this is so that you can practice the sheets and match the answers immediately for convenience. If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong you will not be able to rectify yourself.

Question papers

You should be practicing two different types of question papers;

  • Previous year questions: Students use a simple trick by observing last year’s question papers and seeing which chapters have frequented, this means that there will be comparatively lesser questions from the chapters that were exclusively given last year. Although there is a high probability, it might just not work out. This is why you should practice all question papers, and revise all chapters thoroughly.
  • Sample papers: Sometimes, there is a change in the syllabus and the format. Especially since online classrooms have begun to be the new normal, teachers have resolved to an entirely different form of taking tests. This is why sample papers given recently by your class teacher competition teachers or official board website are important to practice.

Mock tests

If you are a student who lacks confidence and questions yourself over and over again whether you will be able to finish your paper in time, you should try giving mock tests. It is an official examination through various online tools like a learning management system or application classroom. The only thing is that it is meant for your practice and you will get the marks that help you to rectify and revise better.

Besides the entire syllabus of social studies, mock tests are also prepared in individual chapters. There is no better way of preparing thoroughly than testing yourself with these every time you complete a chapter.

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