Reasons Why PDFs Are The Best File Format 

Nowadays, people are mostly preferring the digital sharing of files. And to share them, they use PDF files for better understanding and clarity. Though technology has advanced a lot, it seems like today, also people only prefer PDF files over any other file formats. 

PDF is a Portable Document Format, and it provides us with several benefits. Businesses also make use of PDF files to connect with their clients. So, what makes this file format so popular? Here are the reasons behind its popularity. 

Best Compatibility 

PDF file formats are universally compatible file formats that open up and can easily be viewed on any device or any operating system, such as Mac, Windows, or Linux, etc. No matter if Adobe Acrobat reader is installed on your device or not. This compatibility makes PDFs suitable for business documents. 

Easy To Compact

You can convert any document to PDF files and vice versa without wasting any quality. PDF files can easily be formed by merging multiple documents such as spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents, graphs, tables, etc. 

Moreover, you can also edit PDF online with the help of a tool like PDFSimpli, which allows you to convert, merge, sign, rotate, compress, compact, etc. PDFSimpli is a PDF editor that will surely maximize your productivity. 

Highly Secure

Sharing any documents or files in PDF file formats is a secure way to send information or any personal data. You can easily encrypt the file by giving access to only the required individuals. PDF files also can be kept protected using passwords. Moreover, it offers you a feature to sign electronically, and if you sign your PDF file electronically, you will verify the authentication of your documents. 

Quick Search Feature

When you are viewing a PDF file, you can easily search for any particular topic or word that you want to see without wasting your time reading the entire content. This feature of quick search makes it easy for users to search and find the text. 

Document Analytics

It is easy to see who has access to any file or information. In times of any breach, you will get a notification by email, and then the necessary action can be taken. When you are sharing any information or any valuable documents, consider sending them in PDF format to keep your files secure. 


Now that we know the benefits provided by PDF files, we must use this file format only for sharing. The cross-platform compatibility and embedded multimedia content make PDFs more popular. So, if you are looking for a versatile way of sending or sharing, you can opt for PDF format. 

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