Reuniting love spells

Why do most reuniting love spells fail? As a rule, it happens for one of the following three reasons. The first reason is improper preparation. We’ve told you multiple times before how to prepare for magic rituals properly, so you can find this information with ease on our blog if you need to. The second most common reason is trying to get back together with someone you can’t possibly have a future with. You were destined to break up and it has nothing to do with the circumstances, some thoughtless words you said, misunderstanding, different tastes, or whatever you think is the reason you broke up. You’re not meant to be together and there’s no way around it. And the last reason is you cast your spell incorrectly. Most reuniting spells and spells to get one’s ex back are effective only if the ritual consists of three stages: eliminating all hard feelings from the target’s heart; restoring the target’s energies, and casting the spell to make the target want to come back. These three stages are what we’ll teach you today.

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Reunite love spells

But before we teach you how to cast reunite love spells, we should tell you how to take full advantage of your spell. For this reason let’s answer the key question for all love spells: Do you really need this person in your life? Is this person right for you? Is there a place in your life for this person? Should you even try to get this person back if your karma and Higher Powers don’t approve it?

These questions are easily answered by professional magic practitioners. Some of them are able to scan people’s fate through their pictures or some personal items, while others are able to tell fortunes and use, for example, tarot cards to answer these questions. Most likely, you don’t have either of the gifts, so it’s more difficult for you to understand if what you’re going to do is right or wrong. It’s critical to know the answers because our karma is very tricky. When you do as it wants, you are considered to have passed some exam and are allowed to move on. Otherwise, when you go against your karma, it puts your life on hold making you take the test you failed over and over again.​

Here is what happens to people in your situation. You meet someone who isn’t right for you. Your relationship has its ups and downs, but ultimately you break up. Your karma lets you experience it for you to understand who you need to be happy, to learn to be patient and wait for the person who deserves you, rather than waste your time and energy on someone who doesn’t. Those who learn from their mistakes are eventually rewarded with a partner who can make them truly happy. Those who can’t learn from their mistakes and try to use reunite spells to get back together with someone who is not right for them, are punished. Their punishment is usually another karmic lesson to learn.

This is when you get back to where you started – an unhappy relationship with zero prospects, a partner who is wrong for you, and dreams which will never come true. Once you understand what your karma is trying to tell you, your life will improve dramatically. There are many men and women out there complaining they’re very unlucky in love and the people they meet are selfish, silly, aggressive, unfaithful, etc. In reality, it’s completely their fault that they meet people like this. They put themselves in a vicious circle of repeated karmic lessons which they are unable to learn from and draw the right conclusions.

In fact, it’s quite simple. There is no point in casting a reconcile love spell if:

  • You could never relax when you were with your partner;
  • You haven’t seen your partner in your dreams since you broke up;
  • Most of your dates were disappointing;
  • You were bored together;
  • You felt emptiness inside after having sex;
  • You liked your partner’s money more than your partner;
  • Your partner’s never discussed your future with you;
  • While you were dating, you thought about other men;
  • One of you cheated on the other or you both cheated on each other.

In this case even a very powerful spellcaster won’t be able to help you. Even if he does, he’ll warn you that you’re trying to restore a relationship which won’t make you happy and that whatever happens afterwards will be only your fault. Remember that professional magic practitioners not only cast their spells but also warn their clients about possible consequences and outcomes. We’re warning you too: you can cast the spell described below on someone who isn’t right for you, but don’t blame us when you get disappointed in this relationship.

If your love life has been very unhappy, something is wrong, so you should consult a specialist to help you figure out what it is. Perhaps, it’s not just you and your inability to hear your karma and choose good partners. What if there is also a curse or a hex on you keeping you from being happy? If that’s the case, you need professional help as soon as possible.

A reconcile love spell

To prepare for a reunite love spell, cleanse your energies. We’ve written plenty of articles about energy cleansing and there is no point repeating it in this article. On the last days of a waning moon perform the first part of the ritual and eliminate whatever doesn’t let you be together, such as jealousy, hard feelings, and even feeling betrayed, heartbroken or humiliated after being cheated on. bestnewshunt Whatever it is, it needs to be eliminated as a clot of negative energy your partner is carrying in his heart and which doesn’t let your partner want to be with you again.​

To perform this ritual, you need a silver container with a lid or a plug. At sunset go to a spring and fill it with pure spring water. Before putting it in the water, say:

“Mother Nature, please give me your pure power which you use to breathe life into the dead, give warmth to the cold, and promote growth. I am your daughter and I am asking you for help and support. Please fill this container with your power and save me.”

Bring it home and pour the water into a silver bowl or plate. Make sure there is a waning moon in the sky and you can see its reflection in the dish. Put a picture of your loved one in the dish and repeat the following spell as many times as possible while patting the picture with your hand:

“Forgive me! Forget about everything that happened! Forget about the past. Take a step towards our happy future!”

After the cleansing ritual, you need to perform a ritual to restore the energies of the person you love which have been disturbed by your actions. Take the picture out and wipe it dry using your nightgown. Wear this nightgown until the next full moon without washing it. Put the picture under your pillow every night before going to bed. While doing it, talk to the picture. As easy as it seems, this will help you restore the energy channels between you and the target.

The third stage of this reunite love spell is performed on the third day of a new moon. Light 12 white candles and put them in a circle. Put the same picture of your loved one in the middle and put a red candle on top of it. Light this candle too. Then push the white candles one by one so they fall on the picture dripping their wax on it. Blow out the candle as soon as it falls. Then let the red candle burn all the way down. Cover the picture, the candles and the wax with the nightgown you’ve been wearing this whole time, and wait.

If the ritual is successful, you’ll see the first results shortly after it and the person you love will come back to you or at least take the first step intending to give your relationship a second chance.

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