Selection of Applicants for Associate Degree Programs

FIT is a public institution that prepares students for a wide range of careers in creative business and design professions. Academic accomplishments, achievements that predict success on the college level, and demonstrated talent are factors that the Admissions Committee considers when evaluating applications. When the committee is evaluating transfer applications, overall grade point average and performance in liberal arts courses are also considered.

All applicants—whether intending to study full-time in a matriculated day program or in an evening/weekend program— must meet the same admissions standards. FIT believes that a person’s creative and leadership abilities are revealed through participation in activities in any of several fields, such as governing organizations, student clubs, or the visual and performing arts.

The Admissions Committee would like to know about all accomplishments in which applicants take pride. All applicants are required to submit a personal essay indicating why they selected their particular major, and highlighting all activities or accomplishments.

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All applicants to School of Art and Design programs must offer evidence of artistic and creative ability through the submission of a portfolio. Fashion Design applicants should be versed in both art and garment construction.

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Successful applicants to Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology programs will have demonstrated the ability to work with others, qualities of leadership, and sound mathematical skills. STUDENT CATEGORIES FIT offers a variety of study schedules during the fall and spring semesters and summer and winter sessions in order to meet the needs of its students. The following definitions provide clarification of the student categories at FIT.

Not all student categories are mutually exclusive—one-year students, for example, are also full-time students. Matriculated Students Matriculated students are those who are enrolled in an FIT degree program, whether undergraduate or graduate, full- or part-time. Matriculated students are given preference for on-campus housing.

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Matriculated Day Matriculated day students are enrolled full time, and the majority of their classes take place during the day. Matriculated Evening/Weekend FIT offers a number of evening/weekend degree programs (see Curricula (p. 25)). Courses in these programs are scheduled during the evening and/or weekend. Full-Time Full-time undergraduate students are enrolled for 12 or more credits per semester.

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Part-Time Part-time undergraduate students are enrolled for less than 12 credits per semester. One-Year One-year students are matriculated undergraduates enrolled in a one-year associate degree program

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