Soft and Breathable Amazon Bath Pillow

What can’t you find on Amazon these days? Seriously, from groceries to office supplies to clothing – Amazon has all the essentials I need for my home. They even have things I never thought I needed; but, now that I have found them I know I could never live without them.

One of my favorite random Amazon finds in the last month has got to be this new amazon bath pillow. This soft and breathable memory foam pillow allows me to prop myself up in the bath and finally indulge in the self-care I didn’t realize I was lacking.

The Pillow Changed Me

I was never really a “bath” person before this pillow. I was more of a shower and  hurry-up-and-get to work kinda girl. So when I say this everlasting comfort bath pillow was a game changer I mean it! Now that I have this pillow I can’t wait to escape into my bathtub for a soak at the end of a long day.

Before, I would sort of just sit in the bath wondering why people loved it so much. I couldn’t relax when I constantly felt like I had a crick in my neck. Since the amazon bath pillow is made from high quality memory foam I can prop myself up in the tub comfortably. It has four super strong non-stick suction cups on the back that keep it perfectly placed where I need it on the edge of my tub. This pillow provides the perfect amount of support without any adjusting necessary. Seriously, this thing makes my bath as comfortable as my bed.

Now my husband knows that when I pour myself a glass of wine after a long day I’m going to my happy place, the bathtub. It’s true – I’m a bath person now.

Soft and Breathable Cover

I know what you’re thinking: Doesn’t the pillow get all soggy and gross after sitting in the bath for an hour? No worries, I totally had this thought too. But as soon as I tried the everlasting comfort bath pillow my concerns just melted away.

This pillow is not just a boring bedroom memory foam pillow with suction cups on the back. The everlasting comfort bath pillow was specially designed for anyone to get the most out of bath time. It has a soft and breathable cover which won’t get water logged. The mesh design and easy to use hook allow you to hang it on the towel rack after every bath. The pillow dries out so quickly. No need to worry about a mildew smell or water damage to the pillow.

The best part? The everlasting comfort bath pillow is machine washable. No need to wash it after every bath; but, if you end up using this glorious pillow as often as I do, popping it in the laundry once a week is an easy way to keep it fresh and ready for the next spa day waptrickcom.

Self Care is Essential

If there is one thing I’ve learned from my soft and breathable everlasting comfort bath pillow it’s that taking the time every day to indulge in a little self care makes me the best version of myself. Most days I find myself so busy packing lunch for my kids, arranging the family schedule, checking things off my to-do list for work, making dinner for my family, and finding time to chat with my husband – that I barely take any time for myself.

The day I found this pillow I was just on Amazon looking for a way to prop my little one up in the bath and the everlasting comfort bath pillow popped up. It may seem silly, but it was the first time in a while I wanted something for myself myflixerto.

Any time I tried to have that Pinterest bath moment I could never get myself to relax; but, my first bath against the cushiony memory foam of the everlasting comfort bath pillow changed my bath experience for the better.

Now bath time is more than just making sure the kids are clean. It’s my time to take a moment to myself and unwind. When I let the stress of the day melt away I become the best version of myself for my family. In fact, now that I have been practicing self care I am accomplishing all the to-do’s on my list a little faster. I have an extra pep in my step.

It may sound a little silly that this all came from a bath pillow, but this little present to myself allows me to treat myself to the spa everyday. If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom into a self care DIY spa, the everlasting comfort bath pillow from Amazon is the first thing you should add to your cart ipagal.

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