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The Westside Gunn remix of “FlyGod” was undisputed hit, but the song’s spiritual successor is the Rexhaun Smith-produced version, “Cocoon.” Quavo, a spoken-word student, delivers a hook about feeling invincible after taking a new drug. Young Thug’s verse, in particular, is one of the year’s best. Offset’s chorus is a plea for drug abusers to seek treatment.

While the Westside Gunn remix of “FlyGod” is the undisputed hit of the year, the “Cocoon” remix is a worthy heir. The song features Quavo’s signature hook about feeling invincible after trying a new drug. The chorus is a powerful plea for drug abusers. This remix was also one of the top songs of the year. This song is a powerful statement about the dangers of addiction.

Shy Glizzy’s debut album, Twist My Fingaz, is an absolute masterwork of sound and production. The title track is a claustrophobia. The songs sway like a dream, and the title track features a snippet of East Oakland’s rap history. The rest of the album is a treasure trove of California rap. If you’re not familiar with the latter two artists, it’s highly recommended to start here.

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