Spain Tours: What You Need to Pack For Your First Trip

Before the pandemic in 2019, a record-breaking 84 million tourists visited Spain, and tourism to the country has been growing steadily over the course of the last two decades with Barcelona, the Costa Blanca and the Canary Islands being among the most popular tourist destinations.

There are a number of reasons why Spain has become so popular, ranging from its hundreds of superb beaches, its natural beauty and rich history and diverse culture to its colourful carnivals, festivals and fiestas.

When heading off on a tour of Spain for the first time, there are a number of things that you will need to pack for your trip.

Bathing suit

Spain is more than just a beach destination but there is no denying that its beaches are among the best in the entire world, so a bathing suit is a must for everyone going on Spain tours. Your personal style preferences will determine the type of bathing suit you take, though if you plan to partake in other activities such as scuba diving, sailing and any other water sport this should be taken into consideration.


You will do a lot of walking on Spain tours, so it is vital to have a good pair of shoes. One of the best choices for shoes is espadrilles as they are very comfortable and supportive in addition to being stylish and helping you to fit with the fashion-conscious locals.

Keep in mind that the law is also very strict about not wearing flip-flops while driving if you are intending to do so, so this is another reason why having a pair of Espadrilles is a solid choice.


Spain is officially Europe’s sunniest country, enjoying more than three hundred days of sunshine per annum. Spain also has a wide variety of stunning hiking destinations such as the Canary Islands, the Basque Country, Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees.

Having a good pair of sunglasses to wear is therefore important for anyone intending to go hiking in the mountains or just taking a short beach stroll. Make sure you are practical when choosing sunglasses and those who are interested in long hikes should go for sunglasses that are specifically designed for that purpose as they come with special features including interchangeable lenses, removable sweat blockers and side shields.


While Spain is very much the land of sunshine, it still rains and indeed does so quite often, making a jacket an essential item to pack for your trip. The north of Spain actually has nearly much rain as the United Kingdom, and the rain can be quite strong at times. A jacket is an absolute necessity for a trip to Spain.

Straw hat

The perpetual sunshine of Spain makes it a very good idea to bring along a straw hat, which provides protection from the sun in a manner that is both effective and rather elegant. You can visit this site moviesverse for more information. For more information visit this site fresherslive

There are a variety of other items you should pack for your first trip to Spain, including sunscreen, a water bottle, and an international Sim card to be able to use the internet and avoid excessive charges for phone calls.

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