Swimming Goggle: what you should know about them?

Are you going to start your swimming lessons and don’t know how to choose the best swimming goggles for you? Are you looking for an update on your accessory or looking for something more specific to practice this activity? In this guide, we gather the most up-to-date tips and information on the subject.

What Is A Swimming Goggle?

The swimming goggles are accessories designed to protect your eyes from harmful objects and help you see better underwater. In general, they are composed of two lenses, joined by a noseband and a strap that serves to hold them on the head.

What Are The Parts Of The Swimming Goggles?

So that you, beginner or professional, can understand the differences between the existing models, we will detail all parts of this accessory.

Depending if you have solar pool heating or not will dictate what type of swimming goggles you need to select.

What Are Swim Goggle Lenses Made Of?

The lens is the main part of this accessory. Its colors and shapes make all the difference for every type of activity you can perform. Most lenses are polycarbonate, a highly resistant synthetic material, making it almost impossible to break in daily use.

Lens shapes and colors can be explained later. However, it is possible to say that the lenses also include an anti-fog film (especially for those who train and compete) and protection against the sun’s rays.

What Do The Suction Cups On The Swimming Goggles Do?

The lens is glued to the suction cup of the swimming goggles; it comes into contact with your eye cavity, in addition to being responsible for sealing your face. This part of the accessory can be produced from rubber, EVA, or silicone materials, and the size may vary. Remember to pay close attention to this issue, as your details are essential when choosing the correct swimming goggles for your athlete profile in this sport.

What Are Swim Goggle Straps For?

The straps of the swimming goggles are made of silicone, as this is a material that stretches well, is comfortable, and has excellent durability against chlorine and hot water in swimming pools. Its functionality is to attach the swimming goggles to the head. It may be that the style of straps changes from glasses to glasses; however, you need to know that there are two types of straps: single and double straps. As the name says, the single is composed of only one strap, and the double has two straps to hold the glasses on the head.

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