The 4 best Die Cutters which implement Laser technology

Inquiring minds want to know what digital label die-cutting can do for you. You can get precisely cut labels with a digital label cutter. Embedded in electrical impulses are the layout, folds, and cutting information for labels. Laser cutting has become increasingly common as a means of completing products. Labels are cut using a high-speed laser in this approach. More or less, all that is needed to make an effective laser die-cutting system is an optical scanner. The desired shape can be traced using the scan head’s mirrors. These mirrors are positioned such that the cutting surface is illuminated. This technique is excellent because it doesn’t require any contact with the material to cut it. These devices are the 2021 best laser label cutter.

  • Anytron’s anycut-II on demand laser cutting

It is one of the most effective devices out there in the market. Laser-die cutting is well-known for its ability to cut through intricate and difficult-to-cut designs that a traditional rotary die cutter cannot. It gives you one-stop solution for lamination, scrap paper removal, and slitting, so just wait and pass the time until your labels done.

  • Compatibility with a Wide Range of Substances

Lasers can be used with a wide variety of materials because of the wide variety of lasers on the market today.

  • Costs of Repair and Replacement

Rotating dies are less expensive, but they are ultimately dull and need to be replaced or sharpened. Compared to other procedures, lasers are much more long-lasting.

  • The Need for Quick Confirmation

Cut tests can be verified immediately. It’s an excellent solution for contract converters because you can quickly modify the lasers.

2. Description of the L230 Laser Die Cutting Label Machine

  • Traditional die-cutting was successfully replaced with no-mold cutting, which does not impose any cutting restrictions on the graphics. Short processing cycle, high cutting speed. L230 is definitely a very effective device here for this particular purpose.
  • Sensors that use color to determine where the cutting graphics are located. Die-cutting with a laser is more precise than camera placement. With the after-focusing optional approach, laser spots can be made smaller and more precise, resulting in superior cutting performance. Continuous and automatic cutting of printed sticker and sticky label rolls using a high-speed flying galvanometer cutter.
  • Die-cutting precision is improved using automatic position correction systems for auto feeding and rewinding.

3. Using the Mini Laser Pro from the Colordyne 2800 Series,

Create bespoke and personalized labels quickly and easily with the Colordyne 2800 Series Mini Laser Pro in today’s constantly changing and fast-paced production environment. All levels of users may produce even the most complicated graphics and shapes without the complexities associated with operating a typical label press, thanks to our complete printing solution, which includes in-line printing and laser die-cutting.

4. Advantages of Anytron’s laser die cutter anycut-III

anytron any-CUT III laser die cutter gives you state of the art technology. any-CUT III uses a 250W laser which generates maximum speed at 45meter per minutes, and you can eliminate job change time by using Auto Job Changeover.

  • Laser cutting has the following advantages:

Maintaining the correct location of the workpiece is made simpler.

Laser cutting can quickly and precisely produce short pieces of metal. The entire cutting procedure can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes with scissors.

  • Because the workpiece does not come into close touch with the cutting tool during the sectioning process, there is less chance of contamination.
  • The heat created during the cutting process frequently melts the material in traditional separating processes. The heat area is so tiny in laser cutting that material distortion is virtually eliminated.
  • Laser finishing can handle a variety of materials, including polyester, paper, abrasives, cork, foam, rubber, neoprene, PET, etc. Especially it is specialized in reflective film cutting that cannot be done in knife cutters. Knives are traditionally used for glass fiber material, but knives need changed too often, which increases cost and decreases productivity. Reputable printing companies Sydney utilises this industry-leading die-cut technology to produce stationery, marketing collaterals, printed publications, envelopes and much more for any size business!
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