The Biography of Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar

Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar is 55 years old, was born on May 10, 1965, and now resides in the Pocket A Flats of Sukhdev Vihar in the South East New Delhi neighborhood of Okhla.

He is a physicist by training and presently owns SK Enterprises in Jasola, Sarita Vihar. He is the father of two children, Yash and Radhika. Yash is in the eleventh grade, and Radhika works for a reputable corporation.

Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar married Preeti, his high school love, at the tender age of 24. He has always been obstinate and had to get anything he desired, which he achieved when he married Preeti.


He began teaching after marrying but quit owing to health concerns and a desire to devote all of his attention to his children and family. Meanwhile, he collaborated with his father on several fresh business concepts. He also has diabetes as a result of his Pepsi addiction. He is attempting to better his lifestyle and is an avid runner as well. He enjoys running and uses it as a form of exercise and habit.

His father is a government employee, and his mother is a stay-at-home mom. His father is a dedicated worker who has devoted the most of his life to providing a nice life for his wife and daughter. He utilized his boat to aid a large number of Hindus. Avinash Gupta is the youngest of two brothers in his family. One of his brothers is pursuing a career as a physician in Ohio, while the other is pursuing a career as an engineer in Mumbai. He is close with both of them and spends time with them whenever they visit his hometown.

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Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar’s ancestors were very wealthy landowners with several mansions and estates. Their company was fairly large, since they also traded. They were renowned and wealthy, but their businesses began to fail over time, and Avinash’s family became penniless throughout his adolescence.

In pursuit of earning money, Avinash Gupta began sewing clothing and selling them in order to support his family. Avinash Gupta was not a remarkable student at an early age and earned middling grades in school, but she was always described as a keen student eager to learn all there was to know about literature. Avinash used to spend a lot of time studying and devoting a lot of time to his academics, especially literature. Naveen attended St. Joseph’s College in Delhi after finishing secondary school; she then attended the University of Delhi, where she got a degree in Literature in 1989. Watch & download most viewed movies, TV shows, web shows at “gomovies“.

He married shortly after earning his degree in literature. He is an excellent parent and a devoted spouse who looks after her family. He enjoys social interaction, which is why he has neighborhood friends and often spends time with them. He loves the company of others and dislikes being. Read More About: f95zone

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