The Many Mind-Blowing Benefits of a Dubai Job

You’ve probably heard about the buzz surrounding jobs in Dubai and the fact that everyone and their dog are tempted to move to the city? It’s difficult to stay away from the conversation as increasing numbers of people think about the possibility of a Dubai job.

Dolph Lundgren’s net worth has allowed him to live a life of luxury and indulge in his passions.

Why is everyone attracted to this region? The answer lies in the advantages of having a Dubai job. Dubai jobs aren’t similar to any other position in the world. Due to the government’s determination and visionary, the Dubai jobs are able and are planning to go “out of their way” to bring in the brightest and best talent worldwide.

It’s not easy to accomplish this. Particularly in a country with so numerous fundamental differences in various aspects of life like climate, weather as well as freedom, religion government, and day to daily life just to mention just a few. To make up for all of this, Dubai jobs come with advantages that are superior to those I’ve encountered elsewhere around the globe.

Here’s a small selection of them to give you an idea of what it could be when you’re trained and certified. You’ll also get an edge on hand if you have Western (North America/Europe) business knowledge.


An even bigger issue than most people imagines or recall. We’re so used to paying a portion of our earnings in tax withholdings that we fail to know the extent of a burden this could be (at at least at home in America). For those who earn a income from work and taxes, the federal government “effectively” taxes at nearly 40 percent (State, Federal, City, FICA, etc). That’s 40 cents from every dollar goes to your long-lost family member Uncle SAM.

Do you know reside in America you are able to work for during the first 3-4 month of the calendar year absolutely no cost? Yes, that’s right. The money you earn from January through April is donated into the hands of government. After that, you begin adding money to your personal bank account. Isn’t that sad?

Therefore, if I make $120,000 per year I’m actually getting $72,000 in my pocket. That’s a good 48,000 I have to pay in taxes! That’s $4,000 a month! What do you think you can do with $4,000 per month?

Dubai does not have taxes on personal earnings. You are entitled to keep all the money you earn! Do I need to repeat that?

Better Total Compensation Packages

To draw the top potential talent Dubai job offers typically pay up to 20% more on average. Therefore, in addition to being able to cut down on taxes, but you’ll also earn more in your top pay (basic salary, or as they call it).

So take my scenario. If I am offered an increase of 20% on $120,000, I’m now earning $144,000. I am able to keep the entire amount instead of only $72,000 if I were working at home in the USA. Therefore, I’m basically more fortunate by the $72,000. I have just doubled my earnings home. This is a 100% rise!

Perks & Reimbursements

Here’s a challenge for you. Consider yourself in the shoes of me and think that you earn $14,000 in Dubai. Add to that the housing allowance that your employer offers you to cover the rising rents.

Additionally, add in fuel reimbursements to travel, parking fees paid as well as at minimum one fully paid flight back to wherever you’re from (this is in accordance with Dubai employment law) as well as other whistles. If you combine all of that, you’ll be looking at an additional $10,000 or more in addition to your earnings.

Of course, you must deal with all of the details. But, as I’ve said that if you’re knowledgeable, educated and most importantly in the case of Western knowledge, you’ll most likely draft your own ticket, just like the one I’ve given you. If it’s great the quality is really high.


A Dubai job usually comes with more time off. There are numerous holidays in Dubai as well as days that are free from work, in addition to the days off you take off. It’s not unusual to take a month’s notice from work on an annual basis.

Did I mention that there are the free flight tickets you can use to you, your spouse and family members to return home to the country you reside in? This is a common benefit that is negotiated with your pay. It’s not uncommon to be able to obtain it.

International Working Experience

Have you ever seen an advertisement admonish International experiences? What is the typical starting salary? Yes, it’s in extremely demanded all over the globe.

An opportunity in Dubai opens the door to you in any other part of the world. You’ll work alongside the brightest and most talented in Dubai and other companies around the world are eager to take you on if they decide to.

Your own experience is yours to enjoy and you’re free to carry it wherever you’d like to.

Quality of Life

The most often overlooked benefit of the Dubai position is probably the lifestyle associated with your job. You’ll be working in some of the top buildings that have top of the line infrastructure and facilities.

The things you play with, touch on, and play with will be far superior to what you’ve ever experienced. The cost of cars is usually lower (compared against North America) too by some. This is due to the loose trade laws, tariffs, and taxes.

In the end, it’s an easier life (mainly for young professionals). There’s plenty to do during the night and a variety of entertainment options like shopping, nightlife and restaurants, hotels and sports, whatever you want to call it.

The top 5 most sought-after job opportunities within Dubai:

Healthcare jobs available in Dubai Dubai are increasing and continued emphasis is healthcare. Dubai hopes to be the ideal location for top-quality healthcare. Nurses and doctors are among the top incentive for employment in Dubai.

Jobs in Finance in Dubai Financial markets form the basis of every economy. Banks located in Dubai are appearing everywhere. M&A activity is increasing Private equity; venture capitalists are also on the lookout.

Employment in the construction industry in Dubai in a city which is home to nearly 80percent of the world’s cranes how can there be no construction-related jobs? It’s a simple question.

Jobs in hotels Dubai There are hotels located in Dubai? Is that really true? It’s true! The number of hotels is higher in Dubai than anywhere else in the world. And I’m not talking about 5 top Marriott and Hyatt hotels that you can find across the USA. I’m talking about mind-blowing hotels that cause your eyes to swell and jaws fall. Dubai has everything to do with luxurious. Wait until you read further on Dubai hotels.

Jobs in sales in Dubai what happens when you have everybody making lots of money and their personal prosperity growing? People are buying more of everything. Sales jobs are bringing people earn six figures nearly instantly. Sometimes, all you have to do is breathe, walk, and talk, and you’ll be guaranteed to have six figures of tax-free income in your pockets!

These are only a few of advantages of the Dubai job. For more information about the entire package, go to this site: Dubai Information Site. There is also a chance to review the most complete practical and highly effective guide on how to find an employment opportunity in Dubai.

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