The Top 5 Brilliant Interiors Inspirations by the Trendiest Italian Studio

Italian home decor centers around Milan and has been known for its contemporary design style. The interior design projects that originated in promoblan Italy are the right balance of royal and model at the same time. For most people understanding Italian interior design is a creative and artistic getaway. Trying to blend this in your house is one of the best ways to give it the upgrade it requires. Here are some of the best inspirations taken directly from the best Italian studios:

Cristina Celestino 

The major work by Christina focuses on doing the proper research and making extensive observations that give her elaborate creative freedom. She is known as one of the best architects and interior designers in Italy and has worked on some of the most exquisite projects for various companies and clients. She focuses on creating designs and displays that are at the core of a particular company giving it a customized edge. She takes inspiration from everything around her and tries to see the potential of various shapes and functions. Interior design in her language is trying to expand the old-fashioned meanings of particular objects and integrate them into the modern world. 

Laura Pozzi

Interior designing, in the eyes of Laura, is all about using emotions and colors in simple ways. Setting the right Dining Table to complement it with a suitable color scheme all comes under her focus. The most exciting aspect of her design is that it has a unique sense of unexpected visuals. This gives her work a creative edge that has been celebrated by companies and clients all over the globe. 

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba

These names are often associated with some of the most prominent Italian designers to have ever lived. They are the founders of one of the most influential design studios in Milan, which is known as Palomba Serafini Associati. The work done by this duo has captured the attention of global clients and companies that employ them over and over again for high class projects. The focus on the little things that are the same to miss brings together rooms in a way that is novel and inspiring. They have worked with various luxury brands globally, providing them with interior spaces that can be celebrated as works of art. 

Marco Piva

Marco focuses on making designs that are fluid, exciting, and functional. He is one of the most influential names in Italian architecture and design. Every artistic work done by this man has some Italian flair which is the perfect blend of contemporary and retro. Even mundane things like a Double Bed Design can be made exhilarating by someone as great as Marco Piva. 

Bruno Tarsia

Bruno is known for his eclectic and modern styles when it comes to interior designing. He has a versatile pool of knowledge that helps him marry poetry and imagination with elegance and reality in the best way possible. 

The work of top interior designers in Italy is truly inspiring. They shape the world of artistic interior designing in the best way possible.

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