Top Writing Tools That Every Writer Must Have

Every writer needs to have a tool that allows them to write with perfection. However, there are a lot of tools available online and oftentimes one gets confused and could not decide which one is best for them. Here is a comprehensive list of software that will make the job easier for every writer.

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the oldest writing platforms that one can use for writing and editing content. This word processor by Microsoft has various formatting options, probably way more than any normal word processor has. This is ideal for writers who are about to write a very long document with multiple parts and headers.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best online editing software which allows one to edit files on various platforms. You can use it with offline tools like Microsoft Word and also on any text field on any browser. To use it in the browsers, you need to install its extension and then you will be able to edit anything written on any website. However, if you have a PDF file, you need to convert PDF to Word to be able to edit it using Grammarly.

Furthermore, this tool also allows users to adjust the style and tone of their writing. It also gives word choices to refine your writing. The plagiarism tool of Grammarly allows writers to check for any plagiarism in their content.

3. Twords

Twords is an online tool that gives reminders to you to complete your writing on time. Its word can be best understood by its tagline -“the web app that nudges you to write.”. It works on three core principles – “awareness, accountability, and consistency”.  This software also tracks the writing habit of the writer and makes a report of how much time and how many words one writes each day and also in the whole month. Furthermore, the app also helps you with writer’s block by providing a vast library of prompts. It also lets writers set a timer to challenge themselves into writing in a given time.

4. Evernote

It is software that allows users to sync several digital items across all their devices. For instance, if you are in a meeting and you want to access your files on the computer, you can use Evernote to search for those files. In addition to this feature, it also allows users to document all across their devices.

5. Google Docs

Google docs are one of the most famous accessible online word processors. It allows users to write in both online and offline mode. Furthermore, you can also add comments to your content and also allow others to do so. All the documents written in google docs can be easily accessed from Google drive. This makes its cloud-based software, making it more accessible. However, if you have a file in PDF format, you need to convert it from PDF to Word and then upload it on Google Drive to edit it.

These were some of the famous software that every writer must have to make their day to day tasks easier and faster.

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