Ways To Repair Your Violin Bow | An Informative Guide

A good violin bow is essential for every musician. It should be durable and long-lasting. To avoid rust and damage to the string, you should use a new case and re-hair the affected bow. To get rid of bow bugs, sunlight is a great way to kill them. Insecticides can also be used in this case. If you are using a new bow, wait until it dries before opening it to make sure the chemical is not harmful to the violin.

Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings mentions some of the points you have to consider before repairing your violin bow

Hide glue is made by boiling the skin of animals in the water. When applied to a bow, hide glue is flexible and can withstand water and heat without losing its adhesive qualities. However, since the Pernambuco tree is endangered, bowmakers had to find other materials for their instruments. As a result, alternative materials have been introduced and are now widely used. For this reason, you will find many types of violin bows available. 

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The most crucial factor is the elasticity and the flexibility of the violin bow. Therefore, to maintain the longevity of the violin bow, it is advisable to keep the tip leather at the same level of thickness as the rest of the instrument.

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A bow is an integral part of the violin. Choosing the suitable material for the violin bow is critical to avoid any problems with your violin strings. A cheap imitation of a violin bow might not be the best option for your instrument. A high-quality synthetic bow may not last as long. This can make the violin more susceptible to rust. So, it’s better to purchase an expensive bow.

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Factors You Need To Consider Before Getting Your First Violin Bow

A violin bow is an essential part of an instrument. It needs to be comfortable to hold and easy to use. The proper type of glue will help bring out the best sound from the instrument. It should also be in good condition. This way, the violin bow will last for a long time. You’ll perform better if you know how to care for it.

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When buying a violin bow, it is essential to check the materials. The cheapest violin bow is made from synthetic material. While most traditional violins contain horsehair, they are also made of metals. A high-quality wooden or electric one will be too heavy for an electric instrument. But, it will still be challenging to play if the violin strings are not tuned correctly. A quality electric or electronic violin is made from a high-quality wooden violin.

To choose a good violin bow, you should first consider its composition. The hairs of a violin bow are generally made from the tail of a white Mongolian stallion. Some sticks are made of black hair, which is coarse and is suitable for heavy cello or bass players. A stringed violin bow should be solid and responsive, but it should be able to sustain the music it produces. So, you must consider the shape of the string before buying a bow.

Types Of Violin Bow

A violin bow comprises three basic materials: brazilwood, Pernambuco, and carbon fibre. .Regardless of whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced level, you need to choose the bow yourself and not rely on your teacher to choose for you. A good quality wooden violin bow will be durable, easy to take care of and last for years. The best quality wood bows are suitable for beginning and early intermediate players. The price range for a violin bow depends on the material it is made of.

A violin bow may cost between a hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The price disparity is a lot as the key factors are workmanship, the type of wood used to craft the stick, the grading of the horse hair, the age of the violin bow and so forth. 

Now, let us talk a bit about a cello bow. Since we have had our fair share of talk about a violin bow, it might be the best time to discuss a bit about a cello bow too! 

How To Choose The Best Cello Bow For Your Music Lessons?

When purchasing a cello bow, you can buy a high-quality one for a very reasonable price. However, while a high-quality cello bow will produce a great sound, a cheap one will not give you the intonation you need. Moreover, a cheap bow will not help you achieve the desired technique. To avoid this, you should only purchase a bow you can really use for a very long time.

A high-quality cello bow should be made of durable materials and should last for many years. Generally, beginning players use fibreglass bows, which are durable but often have a poor sound. Additionally, wood bows are easily broken, and a slight flaw can turn into a significant problem. To avoid this problem, you should look for a cello made from a more durable material than wood. The Tourte style is a popular choice. It has been used by many master performers and teachers since the early nineteenth century.


Buying a bow for your instruments is an excellent way to start playing with a beautiful instrument. Make sure to choose a bow that will match your playing style and instrument. While selecting a bow, consider the tension in your hair and the amount of weight on your hands. Also, make sure to buy a cello or violin bow with a good response and one that will fit your technique and instrument. You don’t want to end up with a poorly-made cello bow that will be difficult to play with and may cause you to fall over when trying to play a complex chord.

You can now get the best bows at Stradivari Strings in Singapore. This store has a fantastic collection of cello and violin bow. This is a happy place for many musicians residing in the area. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on-board and get your brand new violin bow from here right away!

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