What are the Advantages of Choosing Uncontested Divorce?

Divorce is an emotional process that can often be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. For some people, choosing an uncontested divorce may be the best option. Uncontested divorce refers to the division of assets and spousal support without any disputes. One of the main advantages of choosing uncontested divorce is that you don’t essentially need divorce lawyers Birmingham AL to assist you through the whole process.

With an uncontested divorce, the process of divorce can be made quick and painless. This option actually comes with several benefits. Choosing an uncontested divorce is a sound decision for those looking to get divorced without the hassle and stress of a contested divorce. Uncontested divorces are easier, faster, and less expensive than contested divorces. They also come with many advantages, such as: saving money on legal bills and retaining more of your property and assets, and having the ability to plan for the future knowing that you’re done.

Let us see more into the advantages of choosing uncontested divorce.

  • Low cost

An uncontested divorce can be less expensive than a contested one because you avoid costly litigation and negotiation. The process is much simpler and doesn’t require the help of lawyers, which saves you money. Another benefit of an uncontested divorce is that it allows both parties to save face and maintain peace.

  • Saves time

A contested divorce is one in which both the husband and wife disagree on the terms of their divorce. This can be time-consuming because, more than likely, there will be attorneys involved to help with the negotiation. An uncontested divorce, on the other hand, is when both parties agree on all terms of their divorce. It saves time because there are no negotiations needed and typically less legal fees for each party.

  • Less conflict

Uncontested divorces typically have less conflict with them, which saves the couple time and money. The lack of litigation also minimizes the emotional turmoil that often accompanies these proceedings. When both parties agree to an uncontested divorce, there is no need for litigation or other methods of contesting the marriage. The only requirement is to fill out the proper paperwork and sign it. 

  • Less paperwork and more privacy

Uncontested divorces are becoming more common, and for a good reason. They often require less paperwork, they’re conducted entirely in-house without lawyers or courts involved, and there is no public record of the proceedings. This has important ramifications for privacy.

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