What Debt Collectors Can And Cannot Do On Social Media 

Social media has made it easier for people to reach other people, no matter what time zone they are in. One click on the “send” button, and your message gets delivered to their phone in a fraction of a second. Seeing as how everyone is making use of social media these days, there is no reason why debt collectors would not contact you through it. 

Yes, debt collectors can find your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account and send you a friend request. They can also send you texts regarding the debt. However, there are certain laws regarding what they can and cannot do. If they do not adhere to these, you can consult with a debt collection defense attorney Chicago and sue them. 

Things debt collectors can do on social media 

  • They can send you friend and follow requests. 

There is no law in Chicago forbidding debt collectors from sending you a friend or follow request to reach you through social media. Collectors usually do this when they are unable to contact you through the available information. They can legally research you to find your social media handles and check your account’s contents as well. 

  • They can send you texts through private messages. 

Debt collectors are not just allowed to add you, but they can send you private messages as well. These messages can be regarding the payments. However, there might be restrictions on how many times they can message about the debt. Generally, they are only allowed to contact you once per day per debt. Anything more than that is illegal. 

Things debt collectors cannot do on social media

  • They cannot message you publicly. 

The law does not forbid debt collectors from contacting you on social media, but they should do so in private our company. Their messages to you should not be seen by other people on social media, such as your friends or the general public. The law protects your rights and forbids publicizing a debt. If the collector tries to shame you publicly, you must report it. 

  • They cannot stop you from opting out of communication through social media. 

If you do not feel comfortable communicating with the debt collector through your social media accounts, you can rightfully ask them to stop. Consumers can talk to the agency directly about their most preferred way of communication. 

  • They cannot keep themselves a secret. 

If a debt collector is texting you on social media, they should identify themselves as a debt collector and give you information about the debt. They cannot keep themselves hidden or send you a request through a fake profile. 

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