What Do I Need to Know to Program a Computer?

Curiosity: A healthy dose of curiosity can encourage you to experiment and continue learning about programming long after you finish reading this book. With curiosity behind you, learning to program seems less a chore and more fun.

And as long as you’re having fun, you tend to learn and retain more information than does someone without any curiosity whatsoever (such as your boss). Imagination: Computer programming is a skill, but imagination can give your skill direction and guidance.

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A mediocre programmer with lots of imagination always creates more interesting and useful programs than a great programmer with no imagination. If you don’t know what to do with your programming skill, your talent goes to waste without imagination prodding you onward.

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Desire, curiosity, and imagination are three crucial ingredients that every programmer needs. If you possess these qualities, you can worry about trivial details such as learning a specific programming language (such as C++), studying advanced math, or attending a university where you can buy a college degree that you can just as easily make with your computer and a desktoppublishing program instead.

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Computers don’t understand English (or French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, or any other language that human beings use). Because computers are functionally brain-dead, people must write instructions for a computer by using a special language, hence, the term programming language.

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Learning to program a computer may (initially) seem an impossible task, but don’t worry. Computer programming is relatively simple to understand; everything just tends to fall apart after you try to put a program into actual use.

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