Why Should You Join A Christian Drug Rehab?

Christian rehab for addiction is a place where men and women can mend their broken spirits and develop the tools to live a drug-free and purpose-filled life. Those who have the dual goals of growing in Christ and recovering from addiction often find that Christian rehabs meet all of their needs in a way that traditional drug rehabs may not, and often with much higher success rates.

Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

Successful addiction recovery requires treatment for not only the physical and emotional scars of addiction but also the spiritual ones. Because addiction recovery is a spiritual process, integrating Christian principles into treatment is a natural fit. By combining traditional addiction treatments with Biblical teachings, clients learn to embrace the will of God and build a recovering identity in Christ.

Integration of Faith & Recovery

In Christian based rehab, there is no separation between faith and recovery. It is not just the usual drug rehab program with religion thrown in on the side. Therapy sessions are led by Christian counselors with an emphasis on Biblical principles. Scriptures are an integral part of educational groups, and time is set aside each day for prayer, church services, Bible study and other faith-based activities.

Christian Principles a Natural Complement to Recovery

The fundamental Christian teachings of honesty, powerlessness, humility and service are also critical in addiction recovery. Recovery requires hard work and deep soul searching, prompting clients to look to God for strength and support throughout the process.

Fellowship with Other Christians

In Christian rehab, clients participate in therapy and activities with other Christians who are following a similar path to recovery. In a respectful, drug-free living environment that aligns with their religious principles, Christians build a positive support network that grounds them during drug rehab and throughout their recovery.

Focus on the Family

Family involvement is a crucial part of Christian rehabs. Clients build healthy relationships with their families and the church community, leaning on loved ones for support. With education and guidance, family members also learn how to care for themselves during this challenging time.

Learning to Be a Christian in Recovery

Although many people grew up with a religious background or have known God for some time, they may not know how to utilize the Bible in a practical way. Christian rehabilitation centers teach people to use the Bible as a guide for how to live in a way that is a testament to Christ.

A life of addiction is not the life God has intended for his followers. Christian rehabs fill those in the grip of addiction with hope and inspiration as they watch His plan for their lives unfold.

Integrating faith into your treatment is important to you. Your Christian faith is the foundation for your recovery. However, it is still important to get quality clinical care from experienced and licensed professionals.

Christian rehabs build on the strong foundation of traditional treatment centers by incorporating the Word of God. Through God’s grace and the guidance of an experienced treatment team, the addict can reclaim control of their life and heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually duysnews

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